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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Cathy “took off” after a fight with Josh

The tensions between Cathy and Josh explode in a massive fight.
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Things are about to go from bad to worse for former fairy-tale couple Cathy and Josh on Married At First Sight.

Josh tells TV WEEK that after Sunday’s commitment ceremony, where he said it felt like he and Cathy were just friends, Cathy “took off”.

“Cathy went out and didn’t come home for the entire night,” he says.

“I was worried sick about her. The producers didn’t know where she was.”

“I was worried sick about her. The producers didn’t know where she was.”

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Josh says when Cathy did turn up, she refused to talk to him.

He was “worked up” by that point, and told her she was being a “bitch” – something he now regrets.

“I shouldn’t have sworn,” he admits. “It’s never all right to swear at someone.”

But he still thinks she did the wrong thing by going out and not replying to his messages asking after her.

Josh gets “worked up” when Cathy finally returns.

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It’s not a good start to groom home-stay week.

Cathy heads to Newcastle in NSW with Josh, but they have an argument so huge that Josh decides he doesn’t want Cathy around his family and friends.

“I said to Cathy, ‘I think it’s best we just call it here and you leave my house,'” he remembers.

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After a heated argument, Josh decides he doesn’t want Cathy around his family and friends.

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Josh questions whether Cathy was on the show to boost her profile.

“This was a worry for me,” he says.

He says she acted differently towards him when there weren’t any cameras around.

“We’d be going to do publicity with the other cast members and they all witnessed it,” he says.

“Cathy would go do her things and then get in a hire car and leave without saying goodbye.

“It’s all good and well to act like the happy couple on camera, but it should be exactly the same off camera too.”

Josh worries if Cathy was on the show to boost her profile.

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When Josh had the flu during filming, he says Cathy requested a separate room.

He didn’t think that was right.

“If my partner is sick, I’m not going to check into another hotel,” he says. “I’m going to be there with her.”

WATCH BELOW: Cathy reveals she had a premonition about Josh before they met. Post continues after video…

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Josh says he “definitely” felt a spark with Cathy.

But after the honeymoon, he started figuring out that maybe they weren’t “best suited”.

“In five years, I’d love to have a couple of kids on the way, and Cathy wasn’t too sure about that idea,” he says.

“And I love the outdoors – fishing, camping and going away – and she told me she’s never going to be that type of girl.”

The couple were initially strong in the experiment.

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After the last commitment ceremony, where Josh sounded almost ready to leave, he says Cathy approached him.

“Behind the scenes, she’s like, ‘What do I need to do to get you to stay to the end?'” he says. “And I’m like, ‘Cathy, it’s not just about staying to the end.'”

Will this be Josh and Cathy’s final week on Married At First Sight?

Seb’s feeling the pressure as Lizzie’s second groom

Seb knows he’s under a lot of pressure.

(Image: Nine Network)

With Lizzie back for a second year on MAFS, her new husband Seb knows he’s under a lot of pressure.

After Lizzie was insulted and betrayed by groom Sam on the show in 2019, fans won’t be impressed if things go badly for Lizzie this time around.

“Any questionable facial expression, or any breakdown we might have moving forward, I’m going to be absolutely annihilated,” Seb, 31, predicts. “Death-threat city!”

The SANFL footballer says the extra responsibility he felt towards his bride “definitely” played on his mind.

Fortunately, he was genuinely “captivated” by Lizzie when he saw her on MAFS last year, which he mentioned during the casting process.

“Two people who have lived very individual lives getting stuck into their first activity as a couple … I hope we embrace the future with this much vim and vigor”.

(Image: Nine Network)

“They asked me, ‘Who did you remember and who did you like from last year?’ and I said, ‘Lizzie and Mike.'”

Seb says he thought she was beautiful as a blonde last season, and is beautiful now as a brunette.

“You could put a curly purple wig on her and she’d still look beautiful,” he declares.

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