Married At First Sight

Fans have already fallen in love with Lizzie and her new Married At First Sight groom Seb


By Alex Lilly
With a brand-new look in tow, Lizzie Sobinoff made her glorious return to Married At First Sight on Monday night when she tied the knot with her second shot, Seb Guilhaus.
The 28-year-old bride was paired with Sam Ball last season in one of the most unsuccessful matches the show has seen, but it seems like the experts nailed it second time around with viewers around the country admitting they've already started swooning for her new groom.
Lizzie and Seb got on like a house on fire from the moment they met. (Image: Nine Network)
While there's been a lot of toxicity on the show as of late (hello toothbrush scandal), fans of the show remarked that Lizzie and Seb were a breath of fresh air and the love story to watch.
"I actually hope Lizzie & Seb find love, she went through enough last year, made out to be a weird crazy twit by her MAFS husband, copping a lot of hate on social media. Good luck to them on this time around for her," one viewer wrote on Twitter.
"Cannot wait for Seb to get his arse kicked by the experts for being a normal loving person looking for true love," another remarked.
Others were not as optimistic, drawing comparisons between Seb and last season's Sam and suggesting that Seb will follow a similar path and ditch his bride on their honeymoon and went on to cheat with another bride.
"Seb: 'The initial vibe is fantastic'.... well thats another marriage down the toilet #KissOfDeath #MAFS #MAFSAU," one pessimistic fan penned.
We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for now.
Lizzie's former groom Sam has since broken his six month social media silence after his time on the show and shared a sweet message of support to Lizzie.
"My message to Lizzie is just best of luck, I think she'll go great. She's having another go and hopefully this time the experts match her and they'll do the right job," he said.
"I think she said from the start, we both weren't each other's type and we both wanted to find love but it's just hard, when we got put in such a stressful situation like that."
WATCH BELOW: Sam reveals to Elizabeth he has to leave for the funeral on MAFS last season. Post continues after video...
Eagle-eyed fans suspect that Lizzie and Seb are in actuality still together, after noticing some telling Instagram clues.
Suspicions first arose in December when 32-year-old semi-pro AFL player Seb shared a couple of photos of himself enjoying a luxury high tea in Sydney, and just a day later Lizzie shared her own snaps at the same location.
Then in February, both shared photos from atop Mount Lofty at the same lookout, a location near to Seb's South Australia home.
Watch this space!
We're all rooting for you. Please work out! (Image: Nine Network)

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