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“We’re expecting a baby in June”: The shock comment Married At First Sight’s Josh made on live radio

Does Cathy know about this?

By Erin Doyle
As most reality stars and fans know by now, starring on Married At First Sight means being under the most fierce spotlight of your life, with every action and word scrutinised
So when MAFS groom Josh Pihlak made a shock remark on the Hit Network's Carly & Seamus breakfast show (listen in player above), it set tongues wagging.
Josh joked that he and Cathy were having a baby. Image: Channel Nine
When host Carly asked Josh whether he was still with his "wife" Cathy Evans, he confirmed he was.
"I am," he said, before joking, "We're expecting a baby in June."
While it may be too soon to hear the pitter patter of little feet just yet, Cathy and Josh appear to be one of the most well-matched couples in the experiment.
Their instant chemistry meant they got off on the right foot, but Cathy's insecurity and trust issues have thrown a spanner in the works.
WATCH: Married At First Sight's Cathy reveals her eerie premonition aboout Josh before they met. Story continues below...
One of their biggest fights centred around Cathy feeling jealous that Josh chatted to fellow bride Hayley Vernon at one of the dinner parties, leading to fights and tears.
"She was really close with him, kind of all over him," Cathy previously told TV Week.
"I was getting jealous. I thought, 'Well, why are you sitting there talking to her and laughing with her and letting her touch you? I'm not okay with that.'"
Cathy's trust issues rocked an otherwise solid foundation. Image: Channel Nine
The 26-year-old also revealed her instant attraction to Josh, spilling: "From the first five minutes being with Josh, I was like, 'Ooh, I like him. He's gorgeous, funny. I feel like he's my friend.'"
They were one of the first couples to sleep together, and went into intimacy week full of confidence.
"We were both laughing about the fact that we're going to be fine and everyone else is going to be having a hard time," Cathy recalled. "Like, 'Oh, look at us go! We're number one!'"
There was an instant attraction between Cathy and Josh. Image: Channel Nine

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