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EXCLUSIVE: Text reveals MAFS’ Bryce tried to leak his own sex tape… sort of

Well, this is awkward!
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While he’s reached a certain level of infamy thanks to his antics on MAFS has always wanted fame – and he’s willing to go to great lengths to get it!

In a text message obtained by Woman’s Day that Bryce, 31, sent to a friend five years prior to his MAFS season, Bryce Ruthven addresses alleged sex tapes doing the rounds among his friends, saying they should be leaked so he can land his own reality show.

Bryce quipped about a potential sex tape landing him his own reality TV show.

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“[If] these ‘apparent videos’ exist she should release them because it could propel me into a reality TV series like the Kardashians,” he wrote.

As they say, be careful what you wish for, Bryce!

The damning text is the latest in a long line of controversies to come from the former radio announcer.

Recently, he was embroiled in another texting scandal, where he was caught out attempting to flirt with former MAFS bride Connie Crayden.

Leaked text messages exclusively obtained by Woman’s Day between Bryce – who appeared to be in a relationship at the time – and season seven sweetheart Connie reveal the lengths he went to in his pursuit of the former MAFS bride.

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In one text message exchange in April last year, Bryce asked Connie if she was chatting to other men.

He followed the message up by saying, “I’ll selfishly say I hope you don’t come across another guy.”

While Connie resisted his text message advances, reminding the MAFS Lothario he was engaged and couldn’t “have the best of both worlds”, she tells Woman’s Day that he was much more “direct” and “inappropriate” with her in person.

Despite his questionable behaviour, his TV wife Melissa Rawson has stuck by his side.

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Bryce has proven to be the most controversial contestant to come from the current season of the reality TV experiment, with rumours of secret girlfriends, accusations of gaslighting and even kissing another bride, Rebecca Zemek, without her consent!

However, despite his questionable behaviour, his TV wife Melissa Rawson has stuck by his side, with them recently telling the media they were ready to marry for real and start a family together.

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