Married At First Sight

“I’ve never been on a single date!” - MAFS bride Melissa spills on her awkward relationship history

She's skipping those awkward first meets and heading straight to the alter.

By Wade Sellers
Diving headfirst into something as crazy as Married at First Sight seems completely out of Victoria bride Melissa's realm, given she's never even been on a date.
But after some gentle encouragement from her family, the 31-year-old is ready to put herself out there.
"I know, it's quite pathetic isn't it... I've never been on a date!" she tells Woman's Day.
"It was actually my dad who told me to audition. I think when your dad is telling you, 'Ah, I think you need to do something quite radical' then there's definitely something wrong!"
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The stunning 31-year-old tells Woman's Day that she's never been on a date, not a coffee! (Channel Nine)
The stunning blonde, who works as a work place trainer for the state government, admits she put herself first all through her 20s and ultimately felt fulfilled in her career and social life.
But once she reached her 30s, she realised that something substantial was missing.
"When I turned 30 I just started to panic - I'd been so focused on myself for so long," she says.
"And I look at both my friends now and they're married and their lives are complete and I've just been forever single."
The Victoria-based bride says she went through her 20s entirely focused on her career and herself rather than her love life. Instagram
Melissa's last relationship was when she was just 19, and having dabbled in the "horrible" dating apps since then, she's ready to bypass those horrid first dates and skip straight to the alter, where she hopes to find the man of her dreams.
"I just want someone who's honest and will make me laugh," she says. "I just want to find love."
Married At First Sight airs on Monday February 22 at 7.30pm on Channel Nine

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