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Meet the Lego Masters Australia season 2 contestants

Get ready for the perfect feel-good show of 2020!
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So MAFS is over for the year, you’ve binged Netflix’s juicy doco Tiger King and now you’re looking to fill the gaping big TV-shaped hole in your life.

Enter the show we hope is going to offer up the perfect wholesome content we’re so desperate for in these troubled times – Lego Masters Australia.

The second season of this feel-good, family-friendly reality TV show is the ultimate happy antidote to the chaos of coronavirus right now, which has forced many of our beloved Aussie reality TV shows to halt production, or be postponed indefinitely.

Thankfully, all the episodes of Channel Nine’s new wholesome show were already filmed before the Australian government’s strict new social distancing rules and ban on “gatherings” were implemented, so the entire show is in the can and ready to be beamed into our living rooms.

Host Hamish Blake and judge Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught pose with the Lego Masters Australia season 2 contestants.

(Image: Channel Nine)

This season, eight teams of two will battle it out each week in an attempt to impress the show’s host, funnyman Hamish Blake and judge Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught, who is the only person in the southern hemisphere to be credited as a certified Lego professional.

That means he’s got the big tick from Lego HQ and is legally allowed to represent the brand.

Each week, the teams will complete a series of dazzling and unique challenges in the quest to be crowned the Lego Master, as well as take home a whopping $100,000.

WATCH BELOW: Host Hamish Blake jokes around on Lego Masters. Story continues after video.

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Viewers get to tune in for the very first episode of this brand new season on Sunday April 19 at 7pm on Channel Nine.

We’ve been given a sneak peek of the contestants ahead of the premiere episode, so keep on scrolling to meet the eight teams who will fight it out this season for the top spot.

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Image: Channel Nine



These two best friends describe themselves as big kids, but they’re super serious about this competition and are absolutely in it to win it.

Andrew, a music teacher, was diagnosed with cancer at age nine, and required more than two years of treatment, before he went into remission. Now he shares his love of Lego with his wife and children, who were all adopted from Taiwan and are now Australian citizens.

Image: Channel Nine



These two close friends are super different, but their love of Lego is what draws them together.

Annie is a mother to young boys and says playing with Lego helps her feel calm. She was previously diagnosed with a brain infection and told that she wouldn’t make it to her 18th birthday. Now she is living her best life and is happily married to her soulmate.

Runa has also battled with her own health problems, who used Lego to help retrain her mind after undergoing intense brain surgery. Runa believes that the creative challenge of Lego gave her a chance to practise her fine motor skills and recover.

Image: Channel Nine



High school sweethearts Tim and Dannii met when they were 12 and have been by each other’s side ever since.

For furniture salesman Tim, Lego was a crucial aspect in his recovery after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014.

This young couple are now parents to two children, which is perfect for Tim, who Dannii describes as “Peter-Man like Peter-Pan, but he’s had to grow up”.

Image: Channel Nine



These two have been friends their whole lives and both competed in the First LEGO League, making robots. Summer competed nationally, while Iona reached an international level.

Summer is studying engineering at university and says that being in a male-dominated field empowers her. Iona says she loves Lego because it makes her feel calm in her otherwise hectic life.

Image: Channel Nine



These two childhood friends have known each other since they were seven years old, and now work as a team to expand their respective Lego collections.

Stani is the proud owner of an estimated three million pieces of Lego – that’s almost as much as the show’s Brick Pit holds.

Image: Channel Nine



Jennifer is a researcher and program coordinator who also loves knitting and craft, as well as Lego, describing herself as a “Jen-Gineer”.

Stay-at-home mum by day and self-described “Batman” by night, Jodie is a member of Lego fan group Southern Bricks in South Australia. She is such an expert that she was recently on the committee for – and displayed one of her builds at – Brixpo, her Lego User Group sold-out event, where she dressed up as Lego Batman.

Jodie’s son has autism, and she believes encouraging him to play with Lego helps to capture and fuel his imagination.

Image: Channel Nine



Accountant Trent and primary school chaplain Josh are an unlikely duo, but these guys were fans of Lego way before it was cool and love to create fun, kooky builds together.

In his job as a chaplain and children’s ministry worker, Josh spends a lot of time with kids, which he says fuels his love of Lego.

Image: Channel Nine



Jackson and Alex have been best friends since high school. They both fell in love with Lego at a young age and have managed to use their favourite hobby to influence their careers. Jackson is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and Alex is an environmental engineer.

Jackson has a collection of Lego that would make even the biggest of fans jealous! He estimates he’s got 140,000 pieces stored in his home. Wow!

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