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Hamish Blake admits to causing drama on LEGO Masters

"She got so stressed – I felt terrible!”
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He’s well-known for stirring up trouble and amassing stitch-inducing laughs, but Hamish Blake has taken things to a whole new level on LEGO Masters.

The funnyman set his sights on 71-year-old grandmother Lyn – who joined the series in a team with her grandson Matt, 17 – almost immediately upon entering the set.

“He’s always been my favourite,” Lyn tells TV WEEK of her appreciation for the host.

“I’ve always thought he’s rather funny and his humour is similar to mine, but he didn’t give me time to act starstruck because he started teasing me straight away!”

Hamish interrupts Lynn and Matt’s building time (Image: Nine Network).

Now, Hamish, 37, has come clean on his attempts to create a stir on the hit family-friendly series.

“Lyn was a bit concerned about being on a reality show,” he confesses to TV WEEK.

“So I spent much of my time trying to mess with her during filming. I’d go up to her and say, ‘Look, the producers just want you to shove someone and create some drama.’

“She got so stressed – I felt terrible!” he laughs.

While turning LEGO Masters into Married At First Sight didn’t exactly go to plan for the comedic host, Hamish is still over the moon at scoring his dream hosting gig.

“It’s crazy,” he gushes. “I wish I could time-travel, go back in time and have one quick conversation with my nine-year-old self!”

LEGO Masters airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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