The Lego Masters Australia series two premiere date has been revealed

Just the sort of wholesome content the world needs right now!
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A brand new season of Lego Masters Australia is about to grace our TV screens – hooray!

The feel-good, family-friendly reality TV show is the perfect happy antidote to the chaos of coronavirus right now, which has forced many of our beloved Aussie reality TV shows to halt production, or be postponed indefinitely.

Thankfully, all the episodes of Channel Nine’s new wholesome show were already filmed before the Australian government’s strict new social distancing rules and ban on “gatherings” were implemented, so the entire show is in the can and ready to be beamed into our living rooms.

Let’s call it a corona silver lining!

This season, eight couples will battle it out each week in an attempt to impress the show’s host, funnyman Hamish Blake and judge Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught, who is the only person in the southern hemisphere to be credited as a certified Lego professional.

That means he’s got the big tick from Lego HQ and is legally allowed to represent the brand.

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Host Hamish Blake (right) and judge Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Each week, the teams will complete a series of dazzling and unique challenges in the quest to be crowned the Lego Master, as well as take home a whopping $100,000.

In a statement, Channel Nine promised this season would be bigger and better than ever, with 1.3 million more Lego “bricks” added to The Brick Pit, the room full of Lego where the contestants pick out the bricks they require, as well as exciting themed challenges, including an “underwater theme, a Star Wars challenge, magical fairy tale builds, incredible hanging 3D art and a race against the clock to build the tallest tower possible.”

WATCH BELOW: Inside last year’s nail-biting grand finale. Story continues after video.

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So, when will viewers get to tune in for the very first episode of this brand new season?

Lego Masters will premiere on Sunday April 19 at 7pm on Channel Nine and online at Nine Now.

We can’t wait to tune in!

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