Lego Masters

Lego Masters winners Henry and Cade are great mates now, but they first met just hours before going on air

And now they're each $100,000 richer!

By Rebecca Sullivan
With a brand new season of Lego Masters about to get underway, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and revisit the winning duo who each took home a coveted Lego trophy on the debut season of the show last year.
This season's contestants have had a high standard set for them by the show's 2019 winners.
Henry and Cade were crowned the first-ever winners of Lego Masters Australia last year.
The pair's epic diorama of Poseidon battling a sea serpent helped them come out on top in a dramatic 28-hour build during the finale episode.
They beat out rival contestants Jordan and Miller and David and G, walking away with the Lego Masters trophy (that's a giant trophy made out of Lego) and $100,000 each in prize money.
"What an amazing adventure. It's such an honour to win the title of Lego Masters," Cade said at the time.
"Henry and I had so much fun with every crazy build along the way and were so pleased with our final build. Thanks to every fan of the show, with a special shout out to our friends and family, without whom we would not have been able to do this."
Henry added: "It's been the greatest creative binge of my life!"
This was the epic design that helped Henry (left) and Cade (right) seal the deal. Image: Instagram
The winning moment captured on camera. Image: Instagram
Judge Ryan "The Brickman" McNaught, who is back again for the second season this year, described Henry and Cade's model as "just epic".
"You both played to your strengths," he during the finale episode.
"Henry, you love robots and you can really see that, and Cade, to do that with the wave we saw that you have sculpting ability.
"Well done guys."
The winning duo holding their respective LEGO trophies. Image: Instagram
Cade (left) and Henry have now become good mates out of their experience. Image: Instagram
Unlike many of this year's contestants, who are lifelong friends or partners, Henry and Cafe met just hours before they recorded their first episode together.
"We didn't know each other at all! We actually first spoke 12 hours before the show," Henry told Channel Nine last year.
"We met each other the afternoon before filming the first episode. We had a dinner together. Cade always calls it our 'awkward first date'. We were like 'You like LEGO?', 'Oh yeah, I like LEGO. What do you like?' Now we're really good mates.
"We talk almost all the time, and I'm sure we'll continue to. We've had this amazing journey together. It's hard not to be friends forever after something like this. The first season of this new show, not knowing each other, it's like all the stars aligned."
Cade added: "Yeah, I think a big part of it was we just had a lot of fun together. Obviously we took the competition seriously. Every time we built like it was our last build. But we just had fun. We had fun mucking around."
WATCH BELOW: See all of the creations from the 2019 Lego Masters grand finale. Story continues after video.
Last year, Lego Masters was a ratings bonanza for Channel Nine, with every episode pulling in more than a million viewers each night.
Nine will be hoping to replicate that success in 2020, following the end of its other reality TV hit, Married At First Sight.

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