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EXCLUSIVE: Hamish Blake’s first joke for LEGO Masters season two was an unintentional comment on the coronavirus

At a time where finding some joy is more important than ever, Hamish Blake is keen to deliver.
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It’s no secret that many television shows are filmed in advance.

However, when audiences tune in for the new season of LEGO Masters, they need to know that host Hamish Blake’s first joke was very much a fluke in terms of resonating with current events around the world.

Hamish Blake is back for season two of LEGO Masters.

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As the new field of eight teams enter the shed for the competition, some forget to stand on the mark they need to for the cameras.

Hamish quips, “Come into the predetermined distance between us.”

Of course, his jokey remark had nothing to do with social distancing, but he can see the lighter side of it now.

“You should see how many high-fives and hugs we give out on this show – it’s going to look wild,” he says with a laugh.

“The joy with season two is that you know what you’re doing and can have more fun with it.”

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After a blockbuster debut season of LEGO Masters, the funnyman is back to host season two. He admits he had even more fun this time around.

“The joy with season two is that you know what you’re doing and can have more fun with it,” he says.

Hamish’s co-host, Ryan “BrickMan” McNaught, is also back again to put the contestants to the test.

“It was fun to have meetings and come up with wild challenges and builds, and then take it to Brickman to approve if it was possible,” Hamish says.

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Fans will remember fleet-footed season-one runner-up Jordan, who chose to run everywhere when he could.

“It didn’t matter that the pieces were 10 metres away or that he had eight hours to build – he would still run,” Hamish says.

In a fun new twist for the show, this season sees the introduction of the “Flash Jordan Brick”. If you’re lucky enough to win this brick, you can choose to use it any point in the competition and get Jordan to personally run and collect pieces for you during a build.

“That started off as a joke, but it did really become an advantage!” Hamish says.

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