This is proof Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster-Blake’s love story is straight out of a rom-com

We can't get enough of this loved-up pair!
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Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster-Blake; they’re one of Australia’s favourite couples with an enduring love that, at times, seems to be based on who can get the funniest punchline in quicker.

He’s the famous TV and radio funny guy with a TV WEEK Gold Logie nomination and she’s the best-selling author with a beauty business empire that is the envy of many.

Along with their two adorable children, Sonny and Rudy, Australia’s golden couple are a force to be reckoned with.

But before they were husband and wife or even ‘mum and dad’, Hamish and Zoë were simply mates.

Zoë and Hamish started as mates (pictured here back in 2005).

(Image: Instagram)

That’s right; their beautiful, down-to-earth love story is built on a brilliant friendship that goes back decades, to where their romance first began.

It’s a narrative we’re fed in many a rom-com; boy meets girl, they become friends and after a few relationship fails they realise what they’ve been looking for all along is right there in front of them – each other.

Corny as it sounds, that’s pretty much what happened when the universe brought this charismatic pair together.

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The duo met at a media event when Zoë was 24 and Hamish was 23 and they quickly formed a friendship.

For Hamish, the attraction was instant. In an interview with Good Weekend he confessed to falling under Zoë’s spell pretty quickly.

“I had never met anyone like her – confident, hilarious, obviously beautiful and very full of fun and life. I’ve come to know it as the Zoë magic,” Hamish told the magazine.

However, Zoë admitted that for her it was more of a slow burn romance and there wasn’t an instant physical attraction on her end – “No offence, honey!”

A relationship that began as a friendship set a great foundation for their marriage.

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What they did have in spades was friendship, a bond that saw them supporting each other as they dated other people in the late 2000s.

The pair even penned a dating book together, Textbook Romance, in 2009 and a year later, they were both single and realised somehting deeper had been developing between them.

Zoë quickly started noticing that she was missing Hamish a lot more than usual when they weren’t in the same city.

“It was quite a startling moment because he’d always just been firmly a friend, even brother like, to the point that when people were like ‘I think you and Hamish would be good together’ I’d be like [vomit sound],” she told Show and Tell in 2013.

“You know, we’d both had partners, and I’d been single for a year, out of a relationship for a few months, and it was quite organic I think.”

WATCH: Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish Blake’s sweet dynamic. Article continues after video.

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But they didn’t want to rush into a romance and ruin their frienship, so the pair began dating cautiously.

“You’ve got to take it slow, because there is no turning back. You can’t go back to that original friendship,” said Zoë.

Fortunately, they discovered they were even better as partners than they were as friends and after just a few years of dating they were ready to say “I do”.

Hamish and Zoë wed in an intimate ceremony in December 2012, surrounded by just 22 guests at Wolgan Valley in NSW, just north of the Blue Mountains.

And things only got better the following year when they discovered they were about to become parents, welcoming son, Sonny in May 2014.

Together they share gorgeous kids, Sonny and Rudy.

(Image: Instagram)

Their family was rounded out to four when daughter Rudy arrived in July 2017, and it’s safe to say becoming parents has been one of the highlights of the couple’s romance.

In 2018 Hamish opened up about his refreshing philosophy on parenting, which is all about making memories.

“I’m a bit obsessed with the belief of going ‘if i was 80, what would I give to be back in this moment?'” he told Wil Anderson for his podcast,Wilosophy.

“I am 36, my kids are babies – and I just know I’d give everything. I’d give all the money in the world, to be back right here in this moment, because we will never get this chance to live this moment again. It makes every moment with my kids super valuable.

“For me it’s about memory making. I really believe my core life philosophy is about creating the best memories and the best inputs for people around me, and for my kids.”

The world has fallen in love with the Foster-Blake kids as their hilarious parents document their lives together on social media.

(Image: Instagram)

While the family are all about spending time together, Zoë also credits a little time apart as the key to their enduring love story.

In an excerpt from her book, LOVE! on she revealed that “missing each other” is important for long-lasting love.

“To stay together you also need to be apart. So, go do something with your mates, or family, or self, and give yourself a chance to miss each other,” she said. “A night or two is even better. A week is sensational.”

Of course, like all Ausie families Hamish and Zoë have seen some sizeable changes in the last few years.

They endured the tough Melbourne lockdown in 2020 thanks to COVID, then in December 2020, they announced they were moving back to Zoë’s native Sydney.

WATCH: Hamish and Zoe join the cast of Celebrity Gogglebox. Story continues after video.

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The following year came with plenty of milestones, including Hamish’s 40th birthday, with Zoë celebrating him as “the joy-bringer, the laugh-extractor, the memory-maker” in her life.

That same month they celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary, then in 2022 they shared a peek into what their home life is really like when they appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox.

Later that same year they hit up the TV WEEK Logie Awards together, where Hamish snagged the gold with his wife at his side.

“My beautiful wife, this is – you don’t get to stand up here unless you have amazing people behind you. You’re the most amazing of people,” he said during his acceptance speech.

Then the couple jetted off to Europe for Zoë’s belated 40th birthday celebrations. where Hamish was demoted to ‘photo taker’ while his wife lived it up with her closest friends.

It’s all love for this dynamic duo.

(Image: Instagram)

But he didn’t mind; the ever-devoted husband and father put in the work before enjoying a short break with the family as a foursome.

The dynamic duo re-entered mum and dad mode, celebrating Rudy’s fifth birthday in July 2022.

But they always make time for each other between the endless play dates, filming shows like Lego Masters and all the responsibilities that come from Zoë’s beauty empire.

They travelled back to 1964 for their wedding anniversary.

(Image: Instagram)

In December 2022, the pair celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with an epic 1964 themed party.

“58 years ago in 1964 my trillion carat wife @zotheysay and I tied the knot but I swear to god babe, it only feels like 10. xx 😘 (PS heckava night)” Hamish humorously captioned a set of photos from the night.

While themed parties can be daunting, those invited to the celebration certainly understood the assignment and went all out with fabulous outfits.

You never know what to expect with this pair – but we’re sure there will be plenty of love in the future.

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