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Hamish Blake turns 40 with an adventure hunt and a lookalike cake that rivals his famous birthday creations

''What to get the man who has everything?''

By Faye Couros
In honour of Hamish Blake's milestone 40th birthday, his wife Zoë Foster Blake organised the most impressive celebrations to match the magnitude of her husband.
On her Instagram Stories, the skincare mogul shared several photos of Hamish remarking, "This man is a man I want to celebrate, for this man is an excellent man."
But the question on everyone's lips is, how can she outdo his incredible cake game? Well, an uncanny look-a-like clone cake, of course!

Posting to Instagram, Zoë shared a bunch of pictures featuring Hamish beside the incredible creation and one of Zoë falling for the fondant version of her hubby.
"What to get the man who has everything on his 40th? A clone," she joked in the caption."Happy birthday to the joy-bringer, the laugh-extractor, the memory-maker. You're one of the absolute best people on this earth, and I know cos I asked around. Thank you for infecting our lives and days with fun, brilliance, ingenuity and wholehearted, bighearted positivity. 40 is lucky to have you, and so are we. ❤️."Ps I stayed up all night making this thing - check my stories for the whiskey-riddled hilarity!!"
"What to get the man who has everything on his 40th?" Instagram
As ever, Hamish responded in her comment section with his sharp wit by writing, "How come it was in bed this morning when I came back from toilet? 🙁."
The cake wasn't the only magical moment! Zoë organised an "Immunity Idol hunt" since Hamish is a keen Survivor fan.
With some props which were finessed by some personalised clues "for the kids [Rudy and Sonny] to help figure out," they went on a quest, which led to a Manly ferry that transported them to pizza and a surprise boat trip organised by none other than Michael Wipfli, aka Wippa.
Looks like Hamish was well into his cake! Instagram
Zoë captioned a video on her stories of her husband meeting his surprise, as did Hamish, who wrote, "The trail led to these genuine Italian (themed) friends."
After the boat, they ended their day at an event with their closest friends and family.
The day after, Hamish caught his daughter Rudy staring at his birthday cake, which he jokingly captioned on his Instagram stories, "Deeply wishing real dad was edible."
The newly-minted 40-year-old also shared, "Day after and still scares the shit out of me every time I walk into the room."
Rudy wasn't so sure about cake dad. Instagram
As is evident, Hamish was thoroughly proud of Zoë and to declare his joy and love he shared a selfie from his celebrations with a caption detailing his feelings from the day.
"I'm a big believer that making great memories is one of the most important things in life, but as I get older (happy 40th Hame), I've realised that it's the memories you make for others that count the most. And boy did the lady pictured give me a birthday full of top shelf mems yesterday.
"What I thought was going to be a low key B Day evolved into a borderline Bachelor Date. You have my rose forever @zotheysay, I know you're out of my league on a regular day, but yesterday was another level. ❤️," he penned.