Inside Hamish Blake's chaotic but endearing parenting style, which includes manufacturing grappling hooks, stick forts, and adventures

Sonny and Rudy can't say they're not having fun.

By Faye Couros
Hamish Blake's fatherhood journey is everything we ever thought it would be – he is goofy, devoted, creative, and at times a little chaotic.
The comedian likes to document the trials and errors of parenting on his Instagram, and it's one of the most uplifting parts of the internet.
Over the years, some of our favourite moments from Hamish include his paddleboard session in the rain with his son Sonny, born in 2014.
As well as letting his daughter Rudy, who arrived in 2017, paint his nails with a sharpie, and building a cardboard racing track for easter eggs.
Then there is the lockdown series and Hamish's unorthodox homeschooling techniques, like teaching Sonny how to make a grappling hook and allowing his children to trap him in rubber bands.
Of course, it would be a shame not to mention the incredible birthday cake making journeys the 40-year-old has taken us on with a whisky in hand.
It's always a nail-biting series of Instagram videos. But to his credit, he takes the humble cake to places it's never seen before by building electronic elements and three-dimensional accessories.
However, alongside every crazy task that Blake traverses with Rudy and Sonny, there are as many wholesome moments between the three.
For all the fans who adore Hamish's parenting antics just as much as we do, here are some of his best moments.