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“Canteen duty dad!” Comedian Hamish Blake just did a shift at his son’s school canteen and it was as hilarious as you’d expect

Just wait until you see his VERY unique sandwich-making skills.
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Funnyman Hamish Blake is undoubtedly a talented man but after a long career in showbiz, this week he tried his hand at a customer service role.

The role in question is a high-pressure, high-stakes job with some of the most demanding customers in the business… and that’s school canteen duty.

In the same format as his beloved birthday cake sagas, Hamish took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday to bring fans along for his wild journey in the canteen shop.

Canteen Duty Dad reporting for duty! Hamish confessed that because he doesn’t have a “real job” he decided to help out at his son’s school canteen.

(Image: Instagram)

It started pretty calm, with Hamish smiling at the camera as he takes a selfie with tuck shop bags ready for collection.

He captioned the picture :#CanteenDutyDad!!”

“I don’t really have a real job, so doing canteen duty feels like I’m working in hospo at a very busy restaurant. It’s intense,” the 39-year-old confessed.

Everything was going well and Hamish was in good spirits as he took on the recess rush, but then it was time to prepare for lunch orders.

“We nailed recess. Now onto ‘one of the busiest lunch order days of the year.’ Not scared,” the father-of-two penned alongside a selfie with big thumbs up.

The Lego Masters host then showed off his impressive toastie-making skills, revealing his tomato slicing technique that stops it from burning your mouth when you take a bite.

Hamish shared his genius toastie-making hack.

(Image: Instagram)

Over a picture of the toastie in question, Hamish wrote, “I hope the kid who gets this ham cheese tomato toastie appreciates that I cut the tomato up so a while molten hot slice doesn’t get dragged out during the bite to 3rd degree burn their lip…”

However, Hamish’s luck took a turn for the worse when he made his first and confidence-smashing mistake.

His followers realised he was in danger when he posted a picture of himself with the order sheet.

Hamish wrote the word “smug” on his nose and the caption, “OMG, I thought I was doing so well…”

Shockingly, the mistake was that Hamish misread the sheet and thought he had to make Vegemite sandwiches, but they were actually meant to be “Toby specials.”

Watch Hamish reveal his mistake below. Post continues after the video…

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Feeling incredibly disappointed and frustrated with himself, Hamish revealed his career anxiety with his followers.

“This is a #CanteenDutyCareerEnder,” the star, who is married to beauty mogul Zoe Foster Blake, joked.

BUT hope was not lost, and our hero rose above his failure…

He bounced back, but we are not sure if we can condone his choice to break the law to boost his confidence.

Over a selfie of himself looking pretty chuffed with himself, Hamish captioned the photo, “It’s ok guys, I bounced back by stealing some sausage rolls.”

“And a choccy milk.”

Sometimes one must eat their feelings.

(Image: Instagram)

Before the end of his shift, the father-of-two made one last post to honour the people who joined him on this whirlwind journey.

“Ok before I go, for all the people asking for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Canteen Codes. Here they are. Please no screenshots. This is sensitive stuff,” the star quipped next to a photo of the top-secret canteen codes.

While Hamish is best known for his comedic work on TV and radio, since welcoming his two children son Sonny, seven, and daughter Rudy, three, the star has impressed his fan base every year by making intricate birthday cakes for his kids and documenting his whisky-fuelled late-night cook ups on his socials.

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