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Zoë Foster Blake left hilariously mortified by her daughter Rudy's accidental NSFW artwork


By Faye Couros
No one expected there ever to be a dull moment inside the Foster-Blake world.
But it may come to Australia's surprise that the real cheeky culprits are their accidentally hilarious children.
Kids tend to be funny not for their one-liner jokes but usually for their accidental gaffs that they're too innocent to understand, and often leave adults laughing at their expense.
Zoë Foster Blake's daughter Rudy shocked her last night with a very interesting piece of artwork, which is now immortalized on the family iPad.
This is the artwork of a human, person. Instagram
They say art is in the eye of the beholder, which is all fair and well, except for when a child creates a phallic like drawing and the parent has to hold their breath as they ask them what exactly they were trying to draw.
Rudy's not-safe-for-work creation was luckily very far from Zoë's interpretation because it's obviously, very clearly, not at all questionably a drawing of a person, a human person.
Of course, Zoë took to Instagram to share this hilarious dumbfounding and relatable parenting moment.
Zoë with her daughter Rudy. Instagram
She posted a close-up picture of the questionably inappropriate (for, again, a three-year-old) artwork scrawled on a red iPad case.
"Three-year-old 'decorated' the iPad cover. Before you ask, "it's a person with legs," wrote Zoë.
Yep, just a very uncanny interpretation of a person.
There is nothing else to see here.
In the next post on Zoë's story, she posted a sheepish looking Rudy with a big smile on her face standing next to her abstract artwork.
Zoë celebrating her birthday with her son, Sonny and daughter, Rudy. Instagram
And as the wordsmith she is, Zoë penned a masterful pun with the picture.
"Peencasso," wrote the author.
Life with children can really be quite something and a little bit concerning when they innocently do or say things that they really shouldn't be.
But between their lack of filter and penchant for conceptual art, all a parent can do is sit back and laugh.