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The genius Lego cleaning hack every parent needs to know about

One blogger has discovered the easiest, fastest way to clean Lego in bulk.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Lego: tiny, coloured, plastic bricks, with bumps and groves kids connect together by hand to build cities and structures before tearing them down and starting all over again. While Lego is a godsend, keeping kids entertained for hours, those bricks that live on the floor and are touched and snatched by sticky hands are a nightmare to clean.
Google ‘how to clean Lego’ and among many time-consuming methods is one process that suggests scrubbing each individual brick with a tooth brush. If you’re scrubbing your kids’ grubby Lego by hand, stop immediately, because one blogger’s genius cleaning hack, uncovered by Her Family, is the fastest way to clean Lego.

The fastest way to clean Lego in bulk

Did you know you could put Lego in the washing machine? Well, you can - all you need is a wash bag for delicates. We have the woman behind blog Gettin' By to thank for this time-saving trick.
Simply fill the wash bag with Lego, zip it closed and pop it in the washing machine. Opt for a low temperature wash and use a delicates or wool cycle to protect the plastic pieces from damage.
Place Lego into a delicates wash bag that you use for washing underwear, zip it closed and pop it in the washing machine. Too easy!
Once the wash cycle is finished, lay a towel in the sun and spread the Lego pieces on it to dry. It’s as easy as that!