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FWAW: Drama heats up in the race for Farmer Bert’s heart

When Karli swoops in with Farmer Bert, one of the girls is reduced to tears.
farmer wants a wife farmer brett and karli date

The battle for Bert’s heart is heating up – and this week on Farmer Wants A Wife, it all ends in tears. 

On Bert’s pineapple farm in Wamuran in Queensland, tensions have been simmering between the girls from the very beginning. Karli and Caitlin are Bert’s only two remaining original ladies, while Brooke and Taneil were picked by Bert’s mother.

Karli, who works in customer service, describes herself as “an extrovert” and “quite confident”. 

“I think the biggest thing with the girls at the beginning was that maybe their insecurities came through,” she tells TV WEEK.   

Karli, 32, says she and Bert were “quite besotted” with each other when they first met at the speed date.   

“Going into it [the show], I guess you’ve got to manifest that you’re going to be there in the end,” she says.  

With Bert having chosen Karli for the one-on-one date at the country ball, they go on that date this week, giving her a chance to show him how adventurous she is. There’s also plenty of kissing.  

“Our date was beautiful,” she says. “I definitely was developing feelings.”  

When they get home, Karli is being very affectionate with Bert, and Brooke feels she’s trying to “assert dominance”. Karli doesn’t see it that way.  

“One of my love languages is physical touch,” she explains.  

Later, Bert goes on a date with one of the other girls, who opens up about a difficult time in her life when she felt she was “broken”. When they arrive home, Karli whisks Bert away for an unscheduled date of her own. 

“They’d obviously finished their date, so I just grabbed that moment with both hands and ran with it,” Karli says.  

The girl who had just opened up to Bert goes to her room and cries. How will this affect the way Bert feels about the two women? 

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