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This telling clue suggests Farmer Wants A Wife’s Matt will be the one to go the distance with his winning woman

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Farmer Wants A Wife has taken Australian screens by storm as 2021’s new season kicks off, and we’re already wondering the same thing: Which couples will come out on top and last the distance?

Well, it looks like Farmer Matt is one to keep your eyes peeled for. Fans have already noticed some sneaky little clues that suggests the self confessed “bogan” will be one of the men to take away his forever person from the show.

Meet Farmer Matt.

(Channel Seven)

Who is Matt from Farmer Wants A Wife?

Matt, 26, is looking for someone to settle down with on his cattle farm in Orbost, Victoria.

“My end game out of this is to hopefully find the one, the person to share my life with,” the farmer said previously.

“I picture having a wife down on the farm with kids jumping across the hay bales.”

The born and bred country boy believes he has the “tradition traits” of a true-blue bloke – “honest, loyal, hard-working and respectful”.

Not only is Matt ready to find The One, he wants a family, too.

“This farm, it’s my world. It’s my baby,” shares Matt. “I’m a fourth-generation farmer; we need that fifth generation. We need some little rugrats running around here!”

We all have a type, Matt’s appears to be beautiful blondes.

(Channel Seven)

In Matt’s first trailer for the show, there was a clue that could suggest he ultimately finds love.

Host Natalie Gruzlewski says in the clip, “This year, more than one farmer will find love”.

As the first few episodes kicked off, we got a hint of who the woman might be, too!

Matt and contestant Hayley hit it off immediately after discovering they shared a difficult history of cancer.

A few weeks before filming began, Matt was hit with a family tragedy – his dad had passed away after a battle with brain cancer.

Hayley, 25, also has her own story with the illness, having battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma when she was just 19.

In an interview with New Idea, Matt explained: “I didn’t know about Hayley’s cancer battle when we first met, but I think it did bring us closer together, definitely.”

“It was something that we could relate to each other about, talk to each other about and we could help support each other.”

Matt later shared the article to his Instagram account, with Hayley commenting a happy face emoji and a glass of wine.

Matt responded to the comment with a kissing emoji… enough evidence yet?

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