Farmer Wants a Wife

He relates to Wild Hogs and is "scared" of a contestant: Farmer Wants A Wife's Sam is already making waves in the new season

The 25-year-old has quickly captured our attention.

By Jess Pullar
He's the bearded farmer who claims he's never found love before.
The Canowindra local, informally known as Farmer Sam, made heads turn in the premiere episode of Farmer Wants A Wife 2021, and for good reason.
The 25-year-old New South Wales-based farmer is one of seven (yes, seven) siblings, and is the only one of them who is currently single.
"When you go to family events, they say 'Are you bringing anyone' and I say 'Nup, just myself!'" Sam explained of his predicament.
Which is why he decided to take the plunge and tackle the reality TV dating show, with a hope to find a woman who will join him in raising a family on the same beautiful farmlands where he himself grew up.
Farmer Sam has a group of stunning women after his heart. (Channel Seven)
In the very first episode, Sam made an impression on the Australian public after meeting a standout contestant who could be a shoo-in for his final pick.
After confidently walking up to Sam and striking up immediate conversation (and an immediate compliment from an awe-struck Sam), he tells the camera: "I've never met anyone like Allanah before, she's a strong lady, but she scares me a little bit."
Scared as in could-be-The-One kinda vibe or...?
Alana quickly made an impression on the 25-year-old farmer. (Channel Seven)

Per Sam's bio, he's a motorbike and horse riding fan, and dabbles in water skiing and fishing.
He also added that he relates to Wild Hogs (as in, the John Travolta, William H. Macy and Tim Allen movie). Go figure...
Sam is one of five farmers looking for love on the reality TV show. (Channel Seven)
Sam, who you can follow on Instagram here, joins four other farmers who are searching for a soul mate - Matt, Will, Rob and Andrew.
We're looking forward to seeing where things go for them all as the season unfolds!

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