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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Ella Ding weighs in on Bachelorette rumours and the biggest “blessing” to come from the experiment

''You can't change someone's entire character, you just can't.''
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Year after year, we’re met with questionable everyday Aussies vying for love and fame on Married At First Sight.

But no contestant has ever found their way into the hearts of viewers quite like Ella Ding has.

We’ve watched the 27-year-old struggle with relatable relationship problems with her onscreen husband Mitch, all the while proving what it is to be a loyal friend to Domenica Calarco.

It’s safe to say, Ella has fast become one of the most beloved stars to ever grace the controversial experiment, that so often turns contestants into caricatures or villains.

No contestant has ever found their way into the hearts of viewers quite like Ella Ding has.

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So it was no surprise that after being brutally left with no real closure at the final vows, Aussies began rallying behind Ella to become the next Bachelorette.

Speaking exclusively to Now To Love, Ella says she’s eternally grateful for all the support she’s received.

“To be honest I think I’m pretty exhausted I can’t imagine emotionally investing myself into 15 men right now,” she laughs.

“I just invested my heart and soul into this experiment, so I can’t answer that right now. But if it comes up later we will cross that bridge when we get there.”

At the final vows, Mitch still hadn’t made up his mind about whether he wanted to continue their relationship in the real world.

(Image: Nine)

While it seems Ella hasn’t walked away from MAFS with a man by her side, she has gained a friend for life in Domenica.

“[Meeting Domenica] has 500 per cent been the biggest blessing,” she gushes.

“I said to her the other day that we were exactly where we were meant to be in life because the show would have been nothing without us and we wouldn’t have met.”

And it’s not just Ella and Domenica who have found a solid friendship from the show!

Fans recently went wild after a photo circulated showing Ella, her mother Belinda and Domenica and her mother Anna all hanging out at home.

“We were desperate for our parents to meet because we got along so well we were like ‘our mums will too’. They hit it off,” Ella says. “It goes to show the friendship is real its not just the show.”

Ella also sheds light on what actually happened immediately after the final vows, where Mitch still hadn’t made up his mind about whether he wanted to continue their relationship in the real world.

“After the vows I stayed in Sydney for an extra day and we caught up, went to the movies and had dinner and drinks,” she reveals.

“We did talk about things because obviously he left things quite open. Classic Mitchell though, no answer. I knew he needed to leave the experiment and feel like the pressure was off and I was willing to give him the time and patience.”

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Ella also disagrees with assertions that some contestants have received an “unfair edit,” which Jackson Lonie previously claimed.

“To be honest I think everyone’s edit has been pretty accurate. You guys only see a very small amount of what really happens,” she says.

“I don’t think anyone’s been portrayed [in a bad light]. You can’t change someone’s entire character, you just can’t.”

“There’s a lot that’s been missed and I’m sure when the time is right people will come out and share their experience and journey.”

“To be honest, I think everyone’s edit has been pretty accurate.”

(Image: Nine)

Ella also doubled down on claims that Mitch had been texting with co-star Tamara Djordjevic while filming.

“There’s a lot that has been said and done whether its been aired no aired, it hasn’t come out yet,” she says.

“She was texting him, they do call each other, it’s a ‘he said, she said’ situation. But I mean, I’ve been sent a lot of photos, screenshots and conversations so it’s really hard to deny what’s going on but I just can’t confirm it.”

Ella says she’s seen screenshots of Mitch and Tamara’s messages.

(Image: Nine)

As for what’s next for MAFS‘ golden girl, the world is her oyster!

“I just want to focus on myself. The priority [of going on the show] was to find love and meet someone. I said to myself if love fails then put all the energy I put into the experiment into what comes my way from it,” she says.

“I’m a ‘yes girl’. I’m just going to go where the wind takes me.”

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