Married At First Sight

MAFS' Ella Ding exposes Tamara Djordjevic for secretly messaging Mitch Eynaud during filming

''She caused a bit of drama for Mitch and I.''

By Alana Mazzoni
The final vows may be done and dusted, but the chaos of Married At First Sight is far from over.
Following weeks of rumours that Tamara Djordjevic and Mitch Eynaud have hooked up since the show finished, Ella Ding has finally set the record straight.
Appearing on the Mike E & Emma radio show the morning after her final vows aired, Ella confirmed Tamara and Mitch had private contact while filming.
"She did reach out before final vows. She wanted to grab dinner with him and Sam [Moitzi] and another mutual friend that they had, a guy," she revealed.
Ella has spoken out following rumours Mitch and Tamara messaged during the show. (Image: Nine)
"Mitch did tell me and he told Brent [Vitiello], but the intentions behind it are all pretty grey to be honest."
Ella said she didn't confront Tamara about the text, adding: "Tamara and I didn't really talk to be honest. She did a few things in the experiment that didn't make it to air. She caused a bit of drama between Mitch and I."
The 27-year-old also shed light on a shocking incident that took place at the couples' retreat, which was left on the editing room floor.
Tamara reportedly texted Mitch during the experiment. (Image: Nine)
"At the retreat, it was the final dinner get together and we were all having a drink and stuff and by the end of the evening she's like: 'Ella and Mitch you guys haven't had any drama this whole retreat, what about if I said that Mitchell grabbed my a-- in the pool today when you weren't around'," Ella said.
Ella said Mitch denied "grabbing Tamara's a--" but it may well be that the 29-year-old was trying to get a reaction.
Ella also admitted that it crossed her mind that Tamara may have stayed in the experiment for so long to potentially get closer to Mitch.
It seems fans won't have to wait long for the rumoured scandal to be addressed.
The new teaser revealed that Brent will confront Tamara at the reunion dinner party, telling the table that she had texted Mitch during the period between the last commitment ceremony and the reunion.
"Tamara, you tried to pick up Mitch when we got out of the experiment," he yelled out across the table, with Tamara asking "I tried to pick up Mitch?"
Ella said Tamara tried to cause problems for her and Mitch. (Image: Nine)
"We saw the call logs and we saw the messages," he responded.
The shocking revelation comes after Ella told our sister site WHO that she had a bad "gut feeling" about Tamara from the very first night they met at the hen's party.
"They didn't show it, but from the start she said that if she wasn't happy with her husband she would go for someone else's," Ella tells us. "And that didn't get aired, so straight away I was like okay this woman's not here for the right reasons."

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