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Popular game show, Deal or No Deal Australia set for a major return in 2024

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Lady luck must be on our side because popular quiz show, Deal or No Deal will be making a major return to Australian TV in 2024.

The competition show aired on Channel 7 between 2003 and 2013 with host Andrew O’Keefe. While its was initially popular, Andrew admitted to Mumbrella in 2014 that: “it is a guessing game and we had people playing the same guessing game for 10 years and, after a while, everyone understands that it is simply that.”

Andrew hosted the AUs

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While the return dates for the Deal or No Deal reboot is yet to be confirmed, fans can expect its return sometime in late 2023.

There are numerous speculations regarding who will be hosting the Australian reboot, with Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar named.

Sources informed our sister site, New Idea that Carrie is at the top of the network’s ‘wish list’ but there is a hefty cost.

“She’s one of the biggest stars in Australia and she comes with a very big price tag,” they said. Meanwhile, Peter is believed to be “more affordable.”

“It’d be a win-win for the network, getting Carrie back on TV and hosting a show that could actually get people back into watching The Project – it’s sort of genius.”

Could Carrie or Peter be hosting the Australian reboot?

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In the show, a contestant will choose one of the 22 sealed boxes, which all contains different amounts of money, in the hopes of winning the big cash prize.

The pressure increases as the Banker offers cash in exchange for what might be in the box.

As long as the larger cash prizes remain unchosen, the Banker’s offers will increase. Applications to compete in the upcoming season remain open to the public.

While Australia waits for confirmation on its host, the UK reboot will also feature a new host, Catchphrase star Stephen Mulhern.

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Deal or No Deal is such a strong format you don’t want to go fiddling with it. It’s pretty much the same. The boxes are back, the banker is back and the 22 players,” a source informed The Mirror.

“The only difference is Stephen, which gives it a fresh feel.”

Stephen was the clear choice for the hosting gig after recording two pilot episodes in December 2022. The UK television personality revealed he is “excited” to be hosting the reboot and is even “practicing at home with small cereal boxes.”

“It looks so simple but it’s an incredibly compelling game for both those playing and the viewers watching at home,” he said.

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