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Who wins Big Brother Australia 2022? We have the inside scoop

Honestly, we're not surprised.
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Content Warning: This article touches on the topic of depression which may be triggering for some readers.

The winner of Big Brother Australia 2022 appears to have been leaked, but will it be one of the BB royalty or a newbie taking home the crown?

As the only former housemate still in the competition, it would make sense that previous winner Reggie Bird would have the inside knowledge to get ahead in the competition.

But with two fresh faces in the final three, maybe one of the newbies will manage to secure the win, especially with the new Survivor-style format.

Who will be our 2022 winner?

(Image: Seven)

Well, new intel suggests that the OG has got it in the bag, as it appears Reggie Bird is poised to take top spot in the finale.

How do we know? For years sites like Sportsbet and TAB have been predicting who will win reality TV shows – and more often than not they get it right.

Sportsbet has predicted the winners of everything from The Bachelor to Survivor, so it’s no wonder fans are convinced the site has already leaked the winner of Big Brother 2022.

After all, betting sites are rumoured to be given the inside scoop on who wins shows long before they air to make sure they can adjust their odds accordingly.

WATCH: Reggie Bird wins Big Brother in 2003. Story continues after video.

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With Reggie currently sitting with winning odds of $1.42, we have a feeling she just might be our winner this year.

At present, Big Brother super-fan Johnson Ashak sits in the runner up position, with odds of $3.75, while musician Taras Hrubyj-Piper is in third place, with odds of $10.

While Johnson and Taras are fresh to the game, Reggie has already had experience winning Big Brother.

Reggie won the show’s third season back in 2003, charming the public with her down-to-earth nature and small-town background.

Reggie first won in 2003.

(Image: Seven)

Originally hailing from Tasmania, the mum-of-two returned to the series this year after her kids insisted she take the chance while she can.

Just a year after her first win, Reggie was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that has left her legally blind.

Speaking exclusively to TV WEEK, Reggie explained how she stays resilient throughout all the adversity.

“I think it’s a matter of you just got to get on with it,” she said.

Johnson is tipped to take out second place.

(Image: Seven)

“Years ago, when I couldn’t drive anymore and handed in my driver’s license, I lost all of my independence. And then, you know, with Lucas’ illness, I went through a lot of depression back then.

“But I managed to pull through and I think that what will be, will be, and I’ve just got to make the most of every day. That’s how I look at life.”

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