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Big Brother viewers are less than impressed with Fans vs Favourites after Channel Seven ditches the show's original format

''None of this iron man sh*t.''

By Faye Couros
Big Brother returned to Channel Seven on Monday night for its highly-anticipated Fans vs Favourites season.
However, the grand premiere, which featured returning faves Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, and Dave Graham, was blasted by some viewers for being lacklustre due to its new format.
The episodes are pre-recorded months earlier instead of airing live like the show did in its heyday.
Fans aren't loving the new Big Brother. (Image: Seven)
One Tweeter slammed the show by sharing, "I know we all watching for the OG's this year but can we all agree to boycott next year until they return it to the old layout thx #BBAU #BigBrotherAU."
A second disgruntled viewer shared, "This looks so good but I'm so hesitant because of the pre-recorded format. I'll tune in because of the returnees but they really really need to stop pre-recording cause that's not Big Brother and screams rigged."
Other fans also said the competition lacked the human touch it was previously lauded for, as challenges have become more fitness based rather than a focus on building relationships.
"Remember when it was a social experiment & not based on fitness?" (Image: Twitter)
"I really miss the old #bigbrotherau concept. None of this iron man sh*t. Remember when it was a social experiment & not based on fitness?
"So many ppl from the older seasons have careers now in comedy, radio, tv etc cos we got to know them! No one cares about this physical shit," Tweeted a viewer.
Another shared, "It's more like Survivor these days - rather than exchange life stories they immediately start forming alliances. I miss original live format. #BigBrotherAU."
"I miss original live format." (Image: Seven)
There are also complaints about the voting system that has done away with vetoes and public voting.
"@bigbrotherAU needs to bring in power of veto competition for eviction it makes eviction more interesting and reveals strategy #BigBrotherAU," wrote a viewer.
"@BigBrotherAU I hate that they've changed it from the public voting! It brings out the worst in people & was much more interesting when the public could keep people in that they enjoyed watching!" penned a disappointed fan.

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