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EXCLUSIVE: Tim Dormer reveals which returning Big Brother contestant he didn’t want to see on the upcoming season

''Gosh does she press my buttons.''
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From the moment Tim Dormer entered the Big Brother house in 2013, he was a hit with the public.

With his wild hair, bold personality and unabashed strategic gameplay it wasn’t a surprise that Australia voted for him week after week, and he took out the big prize.

Now, almost ten years after he first appeared on the show, he’s back – but not just to stir the pot – this time he’s determined to make Worldwide Big Brother history.

Tim is determined to win Big Brother a second time.

(Image: Seven)

“No one has ever won Big Brother twice in the world so that’s my aim,” Tim, 36, tells TV WEEK. “Everyone knows my reputation for being very strategic so I know I’m going in with a big target on my back.”

Tim isn’t the only familiar face returning to the house for a second time. He’s joined by fellow winners Reggie Bird, Trevor Butler and beloved contestants David Graham, Estelle Landy, Layla Subritzky, Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew.

Although he was excited to see other Big Brother royalty, Tim admits there was one person who he hoped he wouldn’t be competing against for a second time.

“The producers asked me if there was anyone I wouldn’t want to do the show with… I said Tully,” he laughs. “It’s like we’re brother and sister, I love her like family but gosh does she press my buttons.”

Tim won Big Brother back in 2013.

(Image: Nine)

But Tim didn’t let that tension get in the way of his ambition, and after winning his season, his life changed overnight.

He was suddenly a public figure, enjoying all of the exciting things that fame can bring, from opportunities in the entertainment industry to a bustling nightlife, and even chances to go on Big Brother overseas.

But after a few years in the spotlight, he was more than ready to step back into obscurity.

“I rode the whole 15 minutes of fame. I always was ready to hop off when it didn’t feel right or people stopped caring about me. I didn’t feel like I was clinging onto it. That happened a few years ago, I just wasn’t having fun anymore,” Tim admits.

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“There were some really big life challenges that I went through over the last few years. I had a really awful relationship break up and decided to walk away from everything I was doing in the public eye.”

Taking a step back from social media, he decided to start fresh, taking up a job in disability care.

Two years later, Tim is living a healthier, more positive life. As he heads back into the Big Brother house, almost ten years later, he is excited to show Australia the new Tim.

“I know myself a lot better now,” he says. “I mean, last time I did this, I wasn’t out as a gay man. I feel a lot more comfortable now in my own skin and I’m really excited to use my platform in a way that’s positive and meaningful.”

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