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Sexual fluidity, a broken-off engagement and a new beau: Who is Big Brother fan-favourite Tim Dormer’s boyfriend?

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Australians fell in love with Tim Dormer when he shot to fame on Big Brother back in 2013.

The larger-than-life larrikin won viewers over with his quit-wit, a mouth bigger than his hair and a love for stirring up drama.

And nearly a decade after winning Big Brother‘s tenth season, the reality TV icon is back for Channel Seven’s latest instalment that will see beloved contestants from seasons past take on BB super-fans.

The 38-year-old has certainly been busy since finding fame, and one of the biggest questions on everyone’s lips is: Who is Tim’s boyfriend?

We’ve broken down Tim’s previous relationships, who his current partner is, and where he stands on his sexuality.

Tim won Big Brother season 10 back in 2013.

(Image: Nine)

What is Tim Dormer’s sexuality?

Tim, who enjoyed a brief flirtation with housemate Heidi Anderson during his stint in on Big Brother, touched on his sexuality during and after the show.

“I have always been fluid in my sexuality,” Tim told WHO in 2016. “Even on Big Brother, I talked about my bisexuality and that I’ve always been about people, not the sexuality or gender.

“I’ve dated girls, but have always been open to dating guys.”

After going public with his then-boyfriend Ash Toweel in 2016, Tim said his attractions aren’t constrained by gender.

“I’ve always been about finding the right person. It just so happens to be a man,” he said of his relationship with Ash.

Tim didn’t publicly touch on his sexuality until after leaving big Brother.

(Image: Instagram)

Who has Tim previously dated?

Tim met bar manager Ash Toweel at a party in 2014 – a year after he won Big Brother. The pair hit it off on a spontaneous break in Byron Bay in late 2014, and as their romance slowly unfolded, they kept it secret from the public.

In 2016, after two years of dating, Tim eventually announced his new relationship in an exclusive interview with our sister site WHO.

“I’ve always been about finding the right person. It just so happens to be a man,” Tim said.

At the time of their romance, Tim kept his relationship with Ash out of the spotlight because he grew up in NSW’s Blue Mountains in a big family.

“There were so many people in our household of seven that you have to share everything and I hated sharing everything! I wanted all my own special things,” he said.

Tim met Ash Toweel at a party in 2014, and the pair soon struck up a romance.

(Image: Instagram)

Tim said he was proud to share his love story in the hopes that “other misfits” wouldn’t give up on finding their own happily ever after.

During their six-year romance, Tim and Ash were open about having a non-monogamous relationship. In 2018, they were found on Tinder, where they shared a joint profile calling themselves a “friendly couple”.

The lovebirds got engaged in June 2017 when Tim popped the question to Ash while on holidays in the United States.

However, Tim’s romance with Ash wasn’t meant to be and the pair went their separate ways in November 2020.

“I want to share my broken heart, a vulnerable change in my private life,” Tim told fans onInstagram.

“This week Ash and I have parted ways,” he continued. “My first ever love and long-term relationship, six years now he has been my partner along this journey.”

The lovebirds got engaged in June 2017, but broke up in 2020.

(Image: Instagram)
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Who is Tim Dormer’s current partner?

After breaking up with Ash in 2017, Tim’s love life stayed out of the headlines until he debuted a new romance in April 2021.

Tim is now happily dating Adam Freeth – and one look at the 38-year-old’s Instagram shows just how in love the couple are!

On Adam’s birthday in July 2021, Tim took to social media to share a tender message to the love of his life.

“Happy Birthday Adam. You’re kind, smart, sexy, strong and secure to challenge & bring out the best in me…everything I’ve been looking for!” Tim penned.

Tim is now happily dating Adam Freeth.

(Image: Instagram)

“Thanks for the perfect day exercising in the sun from rise to set. X.”

Unsurprisingly, the happy couple also spent Mardi Gras together.

Tim shared a sweet snap of the pair kissing before the parade kicked off, captioned: “Happy Mardi Gras you misfits! Let’s dance because we love 🌈✌🏻”

In April 2022, Adam shared a loved-up selfie of himself and Tim on a weekend getaway in Tamworth, in country NSW.

“Nonstop adventures with my favourite!” he captioned the post.

“Nonstop adventures with my favourite!”

(Image: Instagram)

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