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Break ups, reunions and a surprise engagement: This is where your favourite Bachelor in Paradise stars are now

These reality TV stars are still bringing plenty of drama to the table.
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The best thing about Bachelor in Paradise is that there’s no questioning whether it’ll make great television, because it’s already made great television.

We’ve already seen all of the contestants grace our screens in some shape or form over the past few years as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette continues to fulfil all our binge-watching guilty pleasures.

But as we gear up for a brand new season of the hybrid reality haven that is BIP, there’s a lot of questions we want answered now – especially after seeing who’s gracing the new cast.

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First and foremost – what are the contestants from past seasons up to these days?

Well, upon undertaking some very important and investigative research, it seems our former favourite cast members are stirring up and living out their own drama in a lot of different ways.

Keep scrolling as we deep dive into what BIP‘s most renowned personalities are up to circa 2020!

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Tara Pavlovic

Arguably one of BIP‘s most memorable cast members after an explosive finale when she became engaged to Sam Cochrane, Tara is looking at a very different life to the one she came out of Fiji with in 2018.

In fact, you’d have been hard pressed not to be across what came next for Tara, who split with Sam in a bitter break up just a few months after the show aired.

Their once-fairy tale romance ended in a troubling spiral of accusations, with Sam referencing Tara’s penchant for alcohol leading to verbal and physical abuse.

“I begged her to stop drinking and get counselling. You think it’s going to get better and I kept telling myself we were under a lot of pressure,” Sam told Woman’s Day

But a night out was the nail in the coffin between the pair – getting into an argument in an Uber back to their hotel, Sam said Tara came at him like a “tornado.”

“She bit my hand, my face and my back… I didn’t actually realise how bad it was until I saw myself in the bathroom mirror.”

Sam said Tara showed remorse in the morning, and he did give her another shot before officially calling it quits in June 2018.

Tara and Sam had a very public breakup in 2018.

(Network Ten)

But it seems Tara has had her ultimate happy ending.

In October 2018, it was revealed she was dating good friend Nick Shepardson, a plumber, and in September 2019, the pair announced they were engaged.

“I’m dating my bestie, & it’s the best,” the former Bachie star previously wrote of her beau.

We’re happy if you’re happy, Taz!

Tara is now loved up with plumber Nick Shepardson.


Cass Wood

Known as the “stage-five clinger” of Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, Cass quickly made an impression on her cast mates, and the Australian public.

But after appearing on the 2019 season of BiP, the stunning blonde found actual love in a rather unexpected place – off screen!

She and boyfriend Warringah Rugby club player Tyson Davis have been together for a solid 18 months now, and appear to be going very strong.

Cass has found love off-screen.


Cass shared this sweet snap with Tyson to her Instagram account in June 2020 simply stating, “18 months of loving you ❤️”.


Grant Kemp

Another golden BIP couple gone wrong was none other than Ali Oetjen and Grant Kemp.

The pair’s breakup was big news when Grant accused Ali of cheating on him – which Ali later denied.

Now that she’s all loved up with new beau Taite Radley, we got to wondering how Grant is going these days.

Well, it seems pretty well – or at least his Instagram suggests it.

Sharing pics of himself sitting in flash cars and attending parties-a-plenty, it looks like Grant is well and truly living his best life.

Grant looks like he’s been having a grand old time! (Image: Instagram)

Alex Nation

She won Richie Strahan’s heart back in the day, but things are looking very different for this blonde bombshell these days.

After breaking up with Richie the same year she stole it in 2017, Alex dated, and then became engaged to AFL teammate Maegan Luxa.

But things quickly spiralled between the pair, who split in early 2018.

Woman’s Day revealed that the split was down to leading very different lifestyles, with Alex often “out living the high life at nightclubs and fashion shows” while Luxa would more often choose to stay home.

Alex and Maegan called it quits in 2018.


Nation then appeared on BIP in 2019, with an explosive confrontation with former Bachelor beau Richie Strahan making headlines, as well as that kiss with Brooke Blurton.

But today, she’s keeping things a little more low key with her young son Elijah.

The 29-year-old frequently posts her own poetry and quotes to Instagram, as well as plenty of sweet snaps with her smiley son.

Keep the content coming, Alex!

Alex rocks a ginger-toned chop these days.


Keira Maguire

After finding love with fellow cast mate Jarrod Woodgate, Australia revelled in their oh-so-sweet relationship.

But then, a text message changed everything.

Just months after getting together on the 2018 season of BIP, Jarrod apparently dumped Keira by text, reportedly because of her Instagram obsession.

But before we could bad mouth his bad taste in break-up methods, it seemed the pair were back on when Keira shared a sweet snap of her and Jarrod sharing New Year’s Eve together.

But the pair later split again, this time perhaps for good.

No matter though, Keira continues to stay front of mind with plenty of fashion-forward Insta snaps from her glamorous life.

Keira is an Instagram influencer these days.


Ali Oetjen

As mentioned above, the familiar face of Ali Oetjen has stayed front and centre of our screens since she came runner up in the very first season of The Bachelor back in 2013.

The blonde has graced Bachie land not once, but twice more since her reality TV debut. She appeared on the aforementioned 2017 season of BIP after which she and cast mate Grant Kemp tried, and failed, to go the distance.

And in 2018, Ali took to our screens once again as the 2018 Bachelorette, where she met her current beau, Taite Radley.

It seems Ali and Taite are still well and truly loved up, with Ali recently sharing a cute couple snap of the pair.

“Ruling our empires, on top of the world ” she captioned the pic from early May 2020.

Ali and Taite are still going strong.


Megan Marx

Originally appearing on the 2016 season of The Bachelor, Megan Marx and fellow contestant Tiffany Scanlon surprised us all when they struck up a romance together as opposed to with the Bachelor himself, Richie Strahan.

And despite making international headlines as the first same-sex couple to stem from the Bachelor franchise, their relationship was sadly short lived, with the pair splitting in 2017.

Megan then appeared on BIP in 2018, winning the heart of another contestant, Jake Ellis.

Now grab a cuppa for this tale of love, it’s a complicated one.

Megan Marx and Jake Ellis have had more than their fair share of ups and downs…


A few months after the show had aired, Megan and Jake sadly called it quits, taking to their Instagram pages to share heartfelt messages.

“Jake is easily the biggest-hearted man I’ve ever met, and I’d be lying if I said this break-up has been anything but destroying,” Megan wrote.

But wait, there’s more! In November 2018, Jake won Megan’s heart back after writing her a series of love letters in a grand romantic gesture.

Apparently, Megan came home from a trip to Bali to find her apartment filled with roses, fairy lights and a home-cooked meal – how sweet.

Well, it was until a few months later, when Megan revealed the couple had split up again, only this time she really meant it…

“It’s done, it’s over,” she wrote.

And as finite as that seems, going by their track record we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a rekindling of the flames down the track – stay tuned!

WATCH: Jake Ellis kisses Megan Marx on Bachelor in Paradise:

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