Bachelor in Paradise

A naked entrance, explosive walk out and five new cast members: the first promo for Bachelor In Paradise is here!

So. Much. Drama.

By Maddison Hockey
The first teaser for season three of Bachelor In Paradise is here, and we are excited, to say the least.
The short teaser has given us a sneak peek of all the salacious drama to come between the unlucky-in-love bachelors and bachelorettes. And there's a lot to unpack!
After the initial cast announcement for this season with Timm, Ciarran, Abbie, Brittany and Jamie, we've spotted five more contestants.
Mary Viturino, Helena Sauzier, Jessica Brody, Cassandra Mamone and Brittney Weldon all join Paradise.
Ciarran, Abbie, Timm, Brittany and Jamie are all joining Paradise. Image: Channel Ten
Aside from the exciting additions to Paradise, there is a lot of drama and controversy squeezed in to this short trailer, starting with a very nude entrance from fan favourite, Ciarran.
Would we expect any less from the loveable larrikin after his nude painting stint on Angie Kent's season? Probably not!
Ciarran makes an entrance Image: Channel 10
Abbie also makes it very clear, she's here for the cheeky chap, and him only.
"I came here for Ciarran, he's hot and such a naughty boy," she says.
"He's mine and I'm going to get him."
WATCH: Ciarran read Tweets from Bachelorette fans. Story continues below...
Abbie is back for another shot at love. Image: Instagram
But with all the romance and fun, also comes betrayal.
"There's so much he's lied about," one female contestant says, before we cut to a tense looking Ciarran at the dinner table.
"He's played everybody," she adds.
Tensions escalate quickly.
"If you want me to spill the beans, I'll spill the beans and you'll look like a piece of sh*t."
It all builds to a heated walk out by Ciarran. Uh-oh!
Hold onto your couch pillows, Paradise is looking like anything but!

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