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Are Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate back on? A telling New Year's post gives us the answer

New Year, old flames...

By Jess Pullar
The announcement that Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate had split back in August completely blindsided fans and catapulted them into various states of despair.
After the Tara and Sam debacle, the Sophie and Stu showdown and, well, that Bachelor finale that eventuated in the Honey Badger finding love with no one, it was easy to feel like there really was no hope for love left in the world.
But it seems 2019 might be our year as favourite Bachelor in Paradise match up Keira and Jarrod seem to have rekindled their romance - and there's posts on social media to prove it.
Are these Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds back on? A telling post on social media has sent fans into frenzy. (Image: Instagram / @keiramaguire)
In a telling photo posted by Keira as Australia reigned in the New Year, the couple are seen celebrating 2019 with party hats, wine, and... was that a cheeky kiss as they sat cuddled on a couch!?
Say what you want about love, this is pretty darn cute.
Happy New Year indeed! There's no denying the romance between these two in this sweet New Year's snap. (Image: Instagram / @keiramaguire)
Furthermore, on New Year's Eve Keira also posted a sweet throwback photo of the pair, captioning it: "Since we are all sharing our favourite pics from the year... this is mine."
Keira shared this steamy pic as her favourite from 2018 - and it's clear the couple are well and truly loved up! (Image: Instagram / @keiramaguire)
The pair met in 2017 on Bachelor in Paradise, and unsurprisingly, their blossoming relationship didn't come without some drama.
Keira relocated to Melbourne where Jarrod resided in early 2018, but it seems things went downhill from there, with the pair taking to social media to announce their split in August.
In a chat with Now To Love, Keira explained that Jarrod simply "wasn't ready to be in a relationship" at the time.
"It was disappointing to me because he came off as this guy that was ready to settle to down, but the reality is, he wasn't ready," she said.
But it seems even then Keira was still harbouring some pretty strong feelings for Woodgate.
"He had all these qualities and all these traits and he still does," she said.
"He's an amazing person and I'm obviously still in love with the guy, and I think at the same time if we had met in different circumstances we could have worked it out. I don't think that we were equipped for this particular situation."
WATCH: Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate announce their breakup. Story continues...
Now, it seems the pair have well and truly put their differences aside.
Back in November, months after the couple had announced their split, speculation was rife that the pair were back together when Keira uploaded an Insta vid of herself drinking wine at none other than her ex's vineyard, Toms Cap.
At the time, a source told NW that the pair were keen to work things out.
"Keira was devastated when they broke up," they revealed.
"She would definitely be willing to start over."
The star had also admitted she still loves the stage-five clinger "very much".
Well, it seems the feeling is well and truly mutual going by their latest posts, and we couldn't be happier for them - love wins for this reality TV pairing!

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