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EXCLUSIVE: Emily reveals she isn’t prepared to waste her time in The Bachelor mansion

‘My ultimatum to Nick.’
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Until now, dance teacher Emily has stayed in the shadows while the other girls have done whatever it takes to get Nick’s attention on The Bachelor Australia.

But that’s not to say the brunette doesn’t speak up.

After winning swimming pool bingo, Emily enjoyed some alone time with Nick, and she confronted the star over his intentions in the mansion.

“I actually gave him an ultimatum, but it wasn’t aired,” Emily, 24, reveals to TV WEEK.

“I told him I was there only to find love and if he didn’t think I was the right one, he needed to let me go then and there.

“I wasn’t interested in staying for any other reason other than him, and I needed to know where I stood.”

Emily gave Nick an ultimatum on The Bachelor Australia.

Emily’s bold move paid off, with the dance teacher scoring her first single date in last night’s episode.

Nick took Emily to the Sydney Opera House for their date, where the pair watched a rehearsal for the Australian Ballet. Then, they were invited to perform with the help of some professionals.

Tutus and tights on, the duo tried their hand at some choreography.

Though their spark wasn’t quite as bright as their first night together, Emily received a rose at the cocktail party, keeping her safe for one more week.

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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