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The Bachelor Australia star Cat hits out: 'We were not villains'

'I’m actually struggling a lot with it'

In a shocking twist on The Bachelor Australia tonight, Nick Cummins asked Cat to leave the mansion after weeks of what he called 's--t stirring'.
The decision was made in the wake of one of this season's most controversial moments, when a distraught Tenille ran away from the house after a confrontation with Romy and Cat.
At a Greek-themed cocktail party in tonight's episode, Nick pulled Tenille away to find out what had happened. As she struggled to admit what was going on, the rugby player gave her a simple way of expressing her feelings.
Nick told Tenille that each candle on the table represented one of the three girls: Romy, Alisha and Cat. He asked her to push the candles in to a 'friendly' or 'mean' section, and she pushed all three in to the latter.
"She was very quick to move those candles. That was quite aggressive how she pushed them away," says Cat, of the conversation between Nick and Tenille.
"Look, you chuck 25 women in a house together with no contact with the outside world and you're obviously going to butt heads with a few people. It's just kind of a shame that Tenille has been made out to be the angel in this scenario, because that wasn't really the case," Cat, 24, tells TV WEEK.
"There was a lot of negativity from her towards other girls, and she was creating drama herself."
Tenille moves all three candles in to the 'mean' zone.
Though Cat was disappointed, she understands Nick was in a difficult situation.
"Nick is in a hard situation himself, and I understand he's going to hear opinions from other people. I have my opinions about the other women as well, but I chose not to share them," she says.
"I get that position was hard for him, but if he's going to believe what other people have to say about me, before getting to know me, then he's not the one for me."
Nick has his final conversation with Cat.
The fashion designer is sticking to her guns, however, and maintains she is not the 'villain' she has been made out to be.
"Every time someone would have a date, or we would have a group date, everyone would come to me and I would style all of them," she says. "You look at the past four episodes, every single girl in there is wearing my label. They're not going to be wearing my stuff if they hate me.
"Obviously you don't see Tenille in it, but Emily, Brooke, Cass, Brittany, Sophie, Dasha, everyone was wearing it."
Cat also says she was close with Brooke, shutting down the assumption that the 'tripod' were only friendly with each other.
"Brooke is the nicest woman you would ever meet in your life, she is a legend, and we are great friends with her. There was nothing about a 'villain trio' in the house, we were friends with everyone."

Cat admits she's found the negative reaction to her appearance on The Bachelor Australia difficult to deal with.
"It's just a shame I've been shown in such a negative way," she says. "Yeah I'm actually struggling a lot with it. I've been getting death threats, and called all sorts of names I would never even think of.
"You don't sign up for this expecting to be so hated by people and it's just a shame that they've really only shown the smallest percentage of my personality and haven't shown anything else of me."
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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