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Tenille hits back at The Bachelor Australia villains

'They're as bad as each other'
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Things reached boiling point last night on The Bachelor Australia, when Tenille walked away from the mansion after an altercation with Romy.

The flight attendant scored a rose and a kiss on her single date, and her excitement proved too much for Romy, who took to questioning Tenille in a somewhat-heated manner.

Tenille says she struggled living with the “tripod” – the mean girls group made up of Romy, Cat and Alisha.

“They’re as bad as each other,” Tenille, 25, tells TV WEEK.

“I live by the motto, ‘Kill them with kindness.’ If you’re a nice person, people are usually nice back, but it didn’t work.

“I could never do the nasty things they did.”

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The tension became too much for Tenille last night, when she faced an awkward conversation with Romy.

Of the other major event of the night, the arrival of the intruders, Tenille says she didn’t understand the negative reactions from some of the other girls.

“Their arrival definitely rubbed people up the wrong way,” Tenille.

“It was a shock. Some of the girls became a bit territorial. I didn’t feel like that because to me, it’s Nick’s journey. If one of those girls is more suitable for Nick, who am I to stand in the way?”

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The drama for Tenille is far from over, if the previews for tonight’s episode are anything to go by.

At a themed cocktail party, Nick pulls Tenille aside to find out more about the incident and ask who has been ‘mean’ to her.

“She’s caused a s–t-stir in the house,” Nick tells the camera, before he is heard telling one girl “I think it’s time to leave.”

Which girl will be asked to leave the mansion? Only time will tell!

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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