The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia's Rhiannon on her surprising elimination and awkward date with Nick

'Watching it was definitely as painful for me as it was for everyone else'

By Tina Burke
She may have been eliminated from the competition, but at least Rhiannon can say she had a memorable time on The Bachelor Australia.
The 28-year-old sales representative did not receive a rose in tonight's ceremony, where Nick Cummins sent her and Ashlea home over the three new intruders.
Though the rest of the ladies appeared shocked and saddened by the decision, Rhiannon simply said "told you so" to her friends.
"We did have a chat at the cocktail party which is obviously not shown, which is fine," says Rhiannon.
"But in that moment when we were talking I kind of felt like we both weren't vibing each other. I definitely wasn't shocked that I got sent home," she tells TV WEEK.
"I wasn't 100% sure I would go that night just because of the intruders, but I definitely felt like my time was limited."
Rhiannon felt "100%" sure she was going home.
Rhiannon scored a single date with Nick in the episode that aired before her elimination.
While the date was fun, and she scored a rose, it ended on a sour note when she fumbled an intimate moment and blurted out "do you want to kiss?"
She was left visibly upset, but is happy to have received an outpouring of support from viewers for her relatable awkward moment.
"Watching it was definitely as painful for me as it was for everyone else," Rhiannon says, laughing.
"A lot of feedback was, for me directly, like really nice," she continues. "Like 'oh my god I would have been the same!' It was such a hard situation and everyone else has had awkward dates before, and awkward moments, so I feel like people could relate."

Though Rhinannon was hopeful of scoring herself a new man, she's happy to leave the mansion if she wasn't the one for Nick.
"It's so funny because when I went back [to the house] after my date, there was a lot obviously that was great and there was a part of the kiss that wasn't as bad, it looked awful on TV, but I did say to them I just don't think we're vibing," Rhiannon says.
"I was almost happy to leave in that moment because I was ready to go home if he wasn't going to be the one for me. It's intense going through a rose ceremony every week and feeling like 'oh my god, I've gotta get a rose to survive' it just builds up a little bit and so you just feel like s--t sometimes."
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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