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Listen to The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew speak for the first time in the latest trailer

We didn't think we could swoon anymore. We were wrong.
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When Matt Agnew was revealed as 2019’s Bachelor, women around Australia went weak at the knees for the dreamy astrophysicist. A good looking guy who’s smart too, the perfect catch!

But now Channel Ten have revealed the first trailer detailing what goes down at the first cocktail party and we finally know what this year’s leading man sounds like.

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In the trailer, we also see some of the ladies vying for Matt’s heart including Abbie who clearly liked what she saw.

When Matt shared what he did for a living, the blonde beauty responded, “I’m a Gemini,” leaving the 30 year-old astrophysicist a little stumped but he sweetly replies, “I’m a Leo.”

Same Matt, just saying…

Could Abbie be the love of Matt’s life?

(Image: Channel Ten)

We also grasped a better understanding of what Matt does for a living. Because if you weren’t entirely sure what an astrophysicist does, you’re not the only one.

“As an astrophysicist, I get to do research to try and find another planet for future generations to live on,” he reveals.

Be still our beating hearts!

“I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved in my career so far, but at the end of the day, you can’t have a cuddle with a PhD.”

“At the end of the day, you can’t have a cuddle with a PhD.”

(Image: Channel Ten)

You can always expect lots of gimmicks at that first cocktail party and this season is no different.

When the premiere episode hits our screens, prepare yourselves for a samba dancer, a motorbike and someone literally rolling out her own red carpet.

“I want the forever thing, marriage, kids, starting a family. I really hope the stars align and I can meet the girl of my dreams,” Matt confesses in a voiceover.

WATCH: The first trailer for The Bachelor 2019. Post continues after video…

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Woman’s Day previously revealed the exclusive first pictures from inside the first cocktail party at the Bachelor mansion and it looks like it’ll be one lively episode.

One lady in red who features briefly in the new trailer can be seen hitting it off with Matt particularly well.

Let’s just hope we don’t have a repeat of last year and we get the happily ever after we’ve all been craving!

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