Bachelor 2019: See all the first exclusive pictures here!

Woman's Day has your first exclusive look at the women vying to win Matt Agnew's final rose!

For the first time in almost four years we're getting a Bachelor who's a total stranger!
Not since 2015, where viewers were introduced to Sam Wood, has the show cast an "average Joe" – and fans are very happy about it!
In a complete departure from the Honey Badger's rugby skills, Matt is an expert when it comes to space science and the law of physics.
In fact, he's an astrophysicist, which is a branch of astronomy that employs the principles of physics and chemistry. According to Ten, Matt "has travelled the world following his passion for space, working on his PhD and trying to locate Earth 2.0".
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While he was raised in Adelaide and Perth, Matt's search for other planets has taken him as far as Germany, Sweden and Argentina. After several years overseas, he's now put down roots in Melbourne.
He's not the first Melbourne resident to front the franchise. Both Sam Wood and Bachelorette Georgia Love reside in the Victorian capital – and are still loved up with the respective people they picked on the show.
But don't let his intellect intimidate you – Matt enjoys going for a hike in the great outdoors and hitting the gym. The outgoing 31-year-old is also a keen cook and dabbles in a bit of yoga. Namaste!
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Matt has revealed that he wants the type of love that hits you like a thunderbolt, but doesn't fizzle out.
"I want someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and we can just have a laugh and fun together. I'm looking for a best friend, the same way I've seen so many of my friends find one in their partners," he tells Woman's Day exclusively. Good luck, Matt!
And now we have the first pictures from inside the first cocktail party at the Bachelor mansion, take a look...

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