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Is The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew about to pull a Blake Garvey on us?

''I like to be suitably vague...''
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It was the biggest controversy in the history of The Bachelor Australia – and we could be forced to live through it all again!

Cast your mind back to 2014, when our then Bachelor Blake Garvey sparked national outrage when he proposing to his chosen girl Sam Frost on national television during the finale of The Bachelor, only to break up with her almost immediately.

In a twist that no one saw coming, a day after the finale aired Blake revealed he’d made a giant mistake and was actually in love with third runner-up Louise Pillidge.


And now it seems everyone’s favourite astrophysicist (or banker) may be about to break a million hearts and do the exact same thing … but with his supposed runner-up!

In an interview with KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O on Wednesday, Matt was asked by Kyle if he was “pulling a Blake Garvey, where you pick one and change your mind”.

“No … what’s the… I have heard whispers of this?” Matt said, in a very unconvincing way.

“Do you have any more details of this?” he asked Kyle, clearly trying to deflect the question and buy himself some more time.

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Is Matt Agnew a Blake Garvey 2.0

Executive Producer Sonja, a.k.a Palestine, chimed into the conversation and said: “It’s because you said on Have You Been Paying Attention, ‘I pick a girl from the show’, but you didn’t specify its the one from the end that you pick.”

“I like to be suitably vague,” Matt said. “I like to keep the audience guessing, it would be boring if it was too easy wouldn’t it?”

UGH NO MATT! Don’t do this to us!

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Matt also addressed the rumours circulating on Tuesday that he is not actually working as an astrophysicist and is instead employed by NAB.

“Essentially before I went in filming I was working as an astrophysicist. That’s all correct,” he said.

“I was still employed as an astrophysicist during filming, I finished up some filming, and yeah I basically pivoted and moved into a position as a data scientist.

“It’s a couple of the buzz words, ‘machine learning artificial intelligence’ skill set that I was really keen to develop and so I started working for a data science consultancy called Quantium. In the two months that I’ve worked, in that time i think I’ve had two maybe three meetings at the NAB offices and this has been sufficient to create the story that I’m apparently a banker.”

Matt went on to say that having to justify this was “ludicrous”.

According to the The Sydney Morning Herald, the 31-year-old is employed by data analytics company Quantium, but has been working on secondment for three months at the Aussie bank.

However, due to the bank’s privacy policy, they refused to confirm or deny if he is employed there.

The plot thickens!

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