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Is The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield really a villain or just a woman who knows what she wants?

Shady lady or boss b*tch?
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Abbie, Abbie, Abbie.

The curly-haired, doe-eyed Bachelor beauty has only been in the mansion for a few weeks and yet she can cause drama quicker than you can say dog c—. But has she really?

Her fellow contestants have labelled her as manipulative and dishonest but things may not be as they seem.

Ever since she stepped out of the limo, Abbie’s been portrayed as a ditzy blonde with her eyes on the prize. She will forever be known as a Gemini that’s for sure.

But on Wednesday’s episode, things were cranked up a notch when Abbie appeared to bully her fellow contestants and declare herself to be the most passionate, fun and honest lady in the house. And after the dog c— saga of last week, it’s safe to say she didn’t make too many friends.

“These girls have no chance against me,” she told the camera ahead of the challenge. “I’m going to have all the qualities that Matt wants to date and impress him the most, obviously.”

Abbie rubbed her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way at the self-awareness challenge.

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Sounds a bit full on but, let’s remember: this is reality television. Yes this show is all about finding love, but finding love on The Bachelor and in day-to-day life is quite different.

When you’re cut off from the outside world and placed in a house with a bunch of strong women competing for the same man with literally nothing else like work, family or friends to focus on, things are bound to get intense and competitive.

Gaining Matt’s approval is literally the only thing they think about in that mansion and when a prize is up for grabs, you want it.

It’s like a job interview- who hasn’t talked themselves up or tweaked the truth on a resume to get the position?

Take last week for instance. The girls slammed Abbie for saying she’d like to get married and have kids within five years to win a game and snag some solo time with Matt when she’d previously stated she wasn’t ready to settle down. Lying isn’t always the best approach, but in a high-pressure situation like that, who can honestly say they’ve only ever been truthful?

The other girls took great delight in snipping Abbie’s bouquets during a recent challenge.

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Besides, people and situations can change.

Let’s say Abbie wins Matt’s heart and takes the Bachelor crown. She may change her mind and want to marry Matt right away just as he may decide he just wants to take things slow.

Relationships are rarely black and white and life doesn’t always match the plan you set out for yourself. Especially when you’re 23 years-old.

WATCH: Bachelor 2019: Matt and Abbie make out in the orchard. Post continues after video…

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Abbie was also slammed for kissing Matt at a cocktail party when she said she wouldn’t. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen slut-shaming on The Bachelor but when the lights are dimmed and you’re feeling the spark, what’s wrong with going for it?

“Why can Matt be handsome, funny, smart and a sexual being while all women vying for his attention can be only one of these things?” Abbie stated to Mamamia.

“I’m a multifaceted woman, I am all of these things and more. I have a right to change my mind, to share a consensual kiss with a man I’m attracted to, to own my own sexuality and be confident and happy in myself. Sexuality is important, attraction is important, intimate compatibility is important,” she added.

“Only here for you.”

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In a recent Instagram snap, Abbie captioned a snap of herself gazing romantically at Matt with “Only here for you 🌹#thebachelorau.” And her followers were keen to support her in the comments section.

“The only girl that actually understands what the bachelor is all about lol #nogirlcodehere,” one penned.

“All the other girls hating for her doing EXACTLY what they would have done put in those situations,” remarked another.

Abbie knows what she wants and she’s #sorrynotsorry about it.

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We’ve all done things we regret, especially when we were in our early twenties. But many of us didn’t have the pressure of a camera in your face, a producer in your ear and 27 other girls to compete with.

Let’s cut Abbie some slack, because as with many things, we don’t know the full story.

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