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"I'm a Gemini!" Who is The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield?

She sure knows what her star sign is!

By Anita Lyons
The Bachelor's Matt Agnew and contestant Abbie Chatfield's first meeting on the red carpet went a little something like this…
Abbie: What do you do?
Matt: I'm an astrophysicist.
Abbie: OK, I'm a Gemini.
Matt: I'm a Leo.
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In an unsurprising turn of events, the promo went viral and not just in Australia.
Not only did all of Australia stand up and notice, but celebs around the world took notice.
Twitter user @giaonfilm shared the video, captioning the post: "I'm watching promos for the Australian Bachelor and... no words."
The post got over 350,000 likes and 100,000 re tweets, including by celebrities such as Sarah Hyland and Paris Jackson.
Sarah, who has just gotten engaged to her very own US Bachelorette star, Wells Adams, said: "WHERE CAN I WATCH THIS WHOLE SEASON?! 😂😂😂".
Suffice to say, Abbie is now pretty damn famous!
So, who is Abbie Chatfield? (Source: Network Ten)
So, who is Abbie Chatfield?
The 23-year-old hails from Queensland and according to Network Ten is an analyst (whatever that means!).
But a looked at her LinkedIn, shows that Abbie has just started a brand new gig as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator - precisely one month ago.
Her profile states that she has "a penchant for property and design" and "has always been destined for a career which encompasses her passions; finance, marketing and the property industry."
She describes professional self as "diligent and persistent" and, good for you, Abbie!
Abbie has an infectious smile! (Source: Facebook/Abbie Chatfield)
During our thorough stalk... we mean, research... we were most excited about Abbie's chamelonesque transformations.
In fact, the blondey-brunette hasn't always been this light!
Check out her current Instagram pic compared to her LinkedIn profile pic...
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We're looking forward to learning about this pocket rocket - as we're sure she's going to leave a lasting impression!

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