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The Bachelor Australia’s Sogand accuses frontrunner Abbie of faking it for the cameras

“Abbie is a very good actress!”

By Karina Recchi
When it comes to Bachelor Matt's heart, no-one is more protective than Abbie. The Queensland analyst put everything on the line when she revealed to him that Monique had called him a "disrespectful pig", then secured herself a frontrunner title with a slew of steamy dates.
But now, in a shocking twist, Abbie, 23, has come under fire for allegedly faking her relationship with Matt!
"There was a lot [being said] privately," bachelorette Sogand, 30, tells TV WEEK. "She wasn't into Matt – she would make fun of him!"
Sogand says "it was really hard to watch her different personalities and acting", which would change depending on whether Matt, 32, or the cameras were around."
Sogand feels Abbie is "manipulative."
"Unfortunately Abbie is a very good actress – she definitely knows how to put on an act," says Sogand. "How to laugh or cry or be happy or be sad… It was so amazing to watch her change as soon as the cameras would stop rolling."
However, Abbie is heartbroken at the accusations, hinting the girls were jealous of her connection with Matt.
"I think some of the issue was they thought Matt couldn't like the person I was around them," Abbie admits.
"They thought I was being fake to Matt, but Matt just liked me for me. They couldn't see how Matt could like someone so young and flirty. They thought, 'How could an astrophysicist like someone like that?'"
Abbie thinks Sogand and the other girls are jealous.
Abbie insists her feelings for Matt were real.
"I had such strong feelings for him," she says. "When I get accused of not being there for the right reasons, I think that's insane. Why would I go through all of this, spend every day in bed crying because of these girls having it in for me, if I didn't like the guy?"
Abbie does have one regret, though: trusting the girls.
"I was naïve enough to think these girls were my friends, so I'd tell them everything," she admits. "I'm an open person and I guess they just ended up using it against me."
Regardless, Sogand says she hopes Matt "is smart enough to make the right decision", as the girls won't be rushing to him to tell him what's been happening behind closed doors.
"It was a theme in the house that if you go against Abbie, you go home!" she says.
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The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7.30pm, on 10.

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