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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Abbie fights back: "I'm not here to make friends!"

The Bachelor's most controversial contestant speaks out!

By NW team
Elly Miles and Chelsie McLeod might be the current front-runners for Matt Agnew's heart, but here at NW HQ, we reckon they've got stiff competition in Abbie Chatfield, who's quickly emerging as this season's dark horse.
Yep, the sexual chemistry between Matt and Abbie is undeniable, with the NW-ettes needing a cold shower after watching their passionate lip lock in the orchard last week.
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Despite the pash ruffling feathers with the rest of the Bachie babes, Abbie insists she doesn't regret going to first base with Matt, 31.
"The other girls would've done exactly the same in my situation," the property analyst, 23, tells us.
"At the end of the day, we're there to find love – not make friends! I'm there for Matt. I'm not going to say to him in our moment, 'Oh, sorry, Matt, my friends are more important than our connection.' That wasn't going to happen."
Abbie and Matt's steamy make-out session left a particularly sour taste in Rachael Arahill's mouth.
Originally one of Abbie's closest friends during filming, Rachael was seriously hurt by her gal pal's behaviour.
Abbie is certainly making waves in the mansion. (Source: Network Ten)
"What a sly dog! Abbie really showed me her true character," Rachael, 23, dishes. "I was disappointed in her. She literally said to me, 'Oh, I'm not going to do it. I won't hook up with him,' and then she did it! I never trusted her again after that. She made a lot of enemies and for a long time."
Not only that, an insider tells NW that Abbie was very good at playing to the cameras. As soon as filming stopped, she'd become "a completely different person".
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Case in point? "She told the girls she wasn't going to get physical with Matt," the spy explains.
"But the first thing she did after the kiss was rub it in everyone's faces and say, 'Oh, my God, we didn't even talk we just hooked up the whole time!'
"Abbie told someone, 'If the cameras weren't there, I would have slept with Matt.'"
The fateful kiss! (Source: Network Ten)
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