Seven couples were cut from the MAFS 2024 finale

But why?
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It was an explosive end to the 2024 season of Married At First Sight Australia, with feuds arising with people we didn’t expect, a sudden walk-out and love admissions.

Facing the relationship experts for the final time were five couples – Lauren and Jonathan; Sara and Tim; Jayden and Eden; Tori and Jack; and finally Timothy and Lucinda.

Everyone was at the finale but one.
(Image: Nine)

But what about the seven other couples that entered the experiment? They were sitting on the couch with the other participants yet didn’t have their solo couple time with the experts.

The missing couples included Ellie and Ben; Natalie and Collins; Cassandra and Tristan; Stephen and Michael; Madeleine and Ash; Andrea and Richard; and lastly lovebirds Jade and Ridge.

While not all of these participants were overlooked in the finale, with some getting a few words in – including Tristan sending all the love to ‘papa’ Timothy, plus Cassanda and Michael debating with Sara and of course Ellie getting involved with Lauren and Jono’s time on the couch with the odd inclusion from Ben.

Jayden and Eden are still sweet on each other.
(Image: Nine)

Andrea and Richard were lining up to be one of the more successful relationships on MAFS before their communication issues brought the relationship to a fiery end. But they were captured sitting next to each other on the couch.

We could come to the conclusion that only couples who made it to final vows sat on the couch with the experts, but what about fan-favourites Jade and Ridge?

Perhaps as the 2024 participants slowly regain access to their social media accounts, they’ll reveal the truth as to what was cut from the reunion and finale. But now, fans will have to be patient.

Every MAFS 2024 participant was present for the reunion and final episode, aside from former Home and Away actress Madeleine Jevic.

According to a show insider, the producers decided not to invite Madeleine due to her “unpredictability.”

“Most people in production thought that Madeleine struggled with the pressures of the experiment during filming, so it felt easier not to bring her back – especially for a dinner party that was inevitably going to be an intense one from the start,” a source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

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