Farmer Dean & his suitors adjust to farm life despite rumours of Teegan’s secret boyfriend

The rumour hasn't bothered Dean... but can the other girls overcome it?
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Farmer Wants A Wife isn’t typically the home of reality television drama, but with rumours circling that Farmer Dean’s contestant, Teegan has a secret boyfriend on the outside there is bound to be some speculation.

According to Dean’s other suitors, Teegan is the frontrunner in the fight for the farmer’s hearts – so much so that one suitor exited the FWAW 2024 race due to their chemistry.

(Image: Seven)

The rumour of Teegan’s secret boyfriend began during the first group outing of the season where Farmer Tom shared the news with his girls – which naturally spread back to Dean’s group.

Tiffany wanted to “see” the text messages.

“I hope you see this in time, but Teegan – who  you are currently filming Farmer Wants A Wife with – has a boyfriend she might be leading you on, she’s in love someone at home,” Dean read out the text message from an anonymous person.

(Image: Seven)

Teegan walked away in tears and said, “that’s not true.”

The watermelon farmer decided to trust Teegan, with him choosing to go on a romantic solo date with her – which didn’t bode well with his two other girls, Tiffany and Bella who are still focused on the text messages.

‘It definitely runs through my head that the message could be true,” Bella confessed to the cameras. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

“I don’t think Teegan has a boyfriend on the outside, but I think there’s something going on with someone,” Tiffany said. “I think she has options.”

With the two girls feeling like they are on the outside, watching Dean and Teegan build a connection, they began to doubt their future on the farm.

Nothing further has yet been revealed on whether Teegan has a secret boyfriend outside of Farmer Wants A Wife, but time will tell…

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