Farmer Dustin expresses his “love” for Sophie in FWAW

He is already in love!
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Farmer Dustin has finally found his ‘one’ in Sophie on Farmer Wants A Wife 2024.

The young cattle and sheep farmer nervously expressed his feelings to Sophie, stunned by her stunning pink dress.

(Image: Seven)

“As soon as I saw you, I thought ‘you’re absolutely gorgeous’… and once I got to meet you, I think there was a real immediate connection between us both,” he said.

“I’m in love with that small town girl from Rand and I can’t wait to start our life back on the land.”

Upon hearing his “love” admission, Sophie lit up as the realization hit that she was leaving FWAW in a relationship with Dustin.

“I am falling in love with you and it’s nice to hear you want to give us a chance and see what the future holds,” she responded.

(Image: Seven)

Unfortunately, this meant Dustin had to break the heart of his other potential suitor, Anna. From the beginning, Anna made an effort to exit the friend-zone and while she succeeded to tick “every box” his heart was “leading him another way.”

“I wish you guys lot of happiness. It will take a little bit to process the emotion. I don’t know what the future holds but hopefully someone else will come by and I’ll find love again,” Anna said.

Following Dustin’s declaration of love, FWAW fans expressed their joy for the new couple, flooding the comment section of the official Farmer Australia Instagram account.

One wrote: “Omg I love them so much. So cute, so awkward – the rawness in their love for one another is the best!!”

“It was always Sophie,” another wrote.

“Poor Sophie was packing it! Such a sweetheart ❤️ They’re a beautiful match,” one commented.

Considering filming ended months before Dustin’s final choice, many wonder if the pair are still together post-FWAW. While they had some complications – particularly with a run down cottage – but Dustin and Sophie confirmed they are still together during the reunion.

“Sam this farmer has found a wife,” Dustin said.

Sophie added, “still in love.”

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