Speculation arises that Bert will leave Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 a single man

Did fans predict this all along?
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Mid-way through the Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 season and there are rumours Farmer Bert could be leaving the reality television series single.

A source has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle of the farmer’s dim future in the series.

Fans feared Bert would leave single.
(Image: Instagram)

“Bert is the next farmer to leave,” a source told the publication, but the reason behind his departure is “not because he finds a match like Farmer Dean did with Teegan.”

Many fans have taken to the popular betting website, Sportsbet to place their predictions on who will steal each farmer’s heart.

Unfortunately, fans have predicted since the very beginning Bert will leave solo.

Cailtin is fiercely fighting for Bert’s heart.
(Image: Seven)

Despite this, the fight for Bert’s heart has been fierce with Karli and Cailtin butting heads most recently.

In a recent episode, Bert took his potential suitors to meet his friends for the first time, with Cailtin unafraid to tell his companions of Karli’s ‘high maintenance’ ways.

“I consider myself easygoing — don’t care if I have make-up on. But Karli always takes so long to get ready,” she said. “Straightening her hair, doing her make-up. She has to put fake tan on every night. And I don’t know if Bert likes that kind of person or if he likes more of an easygoing kind of person.”

While the girls seemed confident in their connection with Bert, viewers felt that he wasn’t showing any interest in his potential suitors.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle’s source there was more than what met the eye for young Bert as they claimed he “was stitched up for good television.”

“The women that were picked by the casting team were also poorly matched for Farmer Bert. He didn’t form an honest connection with any of them,” they said.

“Farmer Bert was really sweet and it was sad to see him being treated like a prop.”

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