Rosie Morley is a judge on Dream Home and sibling to former Home And Away star

Unexpected family ties.
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Channel Seven will launch its brand-new renovation series Dream Home with Dr Chris Brown as host, but one of its judges Rosie Morley has an interesting tie to a beloved Australian actor.

Award-winning interior designer Rosie with more than 20 years of experience will feature on the competition series with fellow judges Simon Cohen and Lana Taylor, airing May 26, 2024.

Rosie is one of three judges on Dream Home 2024.
(Image: Seven)

“Designing a home is a true responsibility to elevate the everyday life of the homeowner. It is about translating the lives of the owners and imbuing this into their environment,” she told 7News.

Recognised for her work in the industry in Australia and the UK, but the TV renovator enthusiast may recognise Rosie from Selling in the City. A 2022 reality television series from Binge where designers attempt to boost the value of some of Australian properties.

It was during this time where she received helpful advice from her actor brother, Bob Morley.

Bob, 39, is the youngest of four children.

She is an older sister to Bob Morley.
(Image: Getty)

Bob is best known for his roles in Home And Away, Neighbours, Love Me and The 100 – where he found his soulmate in wife, Eliza Taylor. After a stunning wedding ceremony in Hawaii in 2019, the pair welcomed their son Henry a few years later in 2022.

“They’re always sending videos through,” Rosie said of her nephew in a 2022 interview.  

Bob, 39, is the youngest of four children.

In the same interview, Rosie discussed the abnormality of watching her little brother all “grown up” on screen in a previous interview. The interview took place around June 2022 when his hit TV show, Love Me was renewed for a second season.

A flashback image from Bob Morley’s Instagram account.
(Image: Instagram)

“Last time he worked in Australia, it was like Home And Away and Neighbours. Seeing him come home [from the US] and do a project where he was playing a dad, I was like ‘Whoa, whoa!’ it was so satisfying,” she said.

While they rarely discuss their relationship on social media, Bob shared a childhood flashback photo of him and another child (above right) to Instagram in June 2020. Unfortunately, it is unclear as to who the other child is given there is no caption or comments .

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