The Freudian Slip

The Freudian Slip

The Freudian Slip by Marion Von Adlerstein, Hachette, $32.99

It’s being pitched as Australia’s answer to Mad Men in novel form and while Marion Von Adlerstein’s debut novel is not nearly as multi-layered as the hit US TV show about the advertising industry in the 50s and 60s, it oozes the aura of the era and an industry that managed to define the way people lived.

Set in Sydney in 1963 it follows three women using all of their powers to reach for the glass ceiling in a very male-dominated world.

Kings Cross is naughty and thrilling and the liquid lunches at Beppi’s restaurant are legendary.

A perfect gift for anyone who can remember the Sixties or aches to live in a world of red lips and hourglass curves.

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