The Affair

The Affair

The Affair by Lee Child, Bantam Press, $32.95.

Jack Reacher fans are wildly possessive of him and there’s a guerrilla reader movement against casting Tom Cruise in the upcoming Reacher film.

Their passion prompted me to read my first Reacher novel, the 16th in the best-selling series. I got lucky with the chronology.

The Affair is set in March 1997, six months before the first Jack Reacher thriller, Killing Floor.

This prequel sees Reacher sent by the army to a small town in Mississippi to keep an eye on the local sheriff as she investigates the murder of a local woman.

The nearby army base is in lockdown and locals suspect it’s harbouring a killer. Reacher finds himself torn between his duty and his increasingly intimate relationship with Sheriff Elizabeth Devereaux, who’s more than capable of dealing with the manipulative defence force.

It’s easy to understand the attraction readers have for Jack Reacher, who does the right thing in the face of overwhelming opposition.

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