Miles off Course

Miles off Course

Miles off Course by Sulari Gentill, Pantera Press, $29.99

Communists, facists, sly-groggers, thieves, and older brother Wilfred make 1933 a year to remember for Australian gentleman-painter Rowland Sinclair.

Trouble follows him from the manicured croquet lawns of the Hydro Majestic up to the wild High Country and all the way to the front door of Kate Leigh’s dubious Darlinghurst establishment.

Sinclair is charming, brave, and generous. He’s the rebellious artistic younger brother in a family of wealthy graziers.

Oh if only the luscious sculptress and life model Edna Higgins would love him the way he loves her.

This is the third Rowland Sinclair novel from Sulari Gentill, who writes from her farm in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

It’s a joy to get reacquainted with Rowly and his friends as they live their luxurious but turbulent lives.

Miles Off Course is an rousing read that reeks of Australia in the 1930’s, a politically charged time of rapid change, privilege and poverty, glamour and crime.

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