Playing For Keeps: Meet the main players of Ten's sexy new drama

The wives and girlfriends of AFL stars live in a glamorous world – or at least it looks that way.

Network Ten's hot new drama Playing For Keeps, which has been renewed for a second season by Network 10, centres on the beautiful women whose partners are heroes to millions on the football field. They're the ones people look out for on the red carpet; the ones whose lives seem picture-perfect on Instagram.
"We set up the show as what they already perceive the life of the WAG to be and then crack it open," Madeleine West, 38, who plays Kath Rickards, tells TV WEEK Close Up.
"It looks like it's high glamour, big money, with fantastic properties all over Toorak [the wealthy suburb in Melbourne's east], but a lot of it is smoke and mirrors."
Olympia Valance returned from Los Angeles to take on the role of Tahlia Woods.
"I thought to myself, 'This is going to look like an expensive show – it'll be extravagant,'" Olympia, 25, says. "The fashion is unbelievable. It's also a beautiful cast. The boys are gorgeous. I think the public are going to love it, because it revolves around football – Aussies are fascinated by that world."
From left: Olympia Valance, Madeleine West and Isabella Giovinazzo star in Ten's new drama Playing For Keeps.
Madeleine and Olympia didn't have to go far to research their characters. Both have friends who are WAGs.
"They told me stories and things that might have ended up on the show," Madeleine reveals. "There are certain perks that go with it, but there are disadvantages too. Crikey, you've got to have balls of steel if you're going to stick it out."
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