Viewers react to the heartbreaking first episode of Bride & Prejudice

“If I was her I’d cry and hide in my room too”

By TV Week team
The premiere of Bride & Prejudice introduced us to three new lovebirds... and their shockingly cruel parents.
Viewers were introduced to three of the six couples taking part in the new season of the controversial reality show, meeting Hank and Lily, Jess and Seyat, and Dylan and Ange.
Fans on Twitter were certainly ready for the drama, though they may have gotten more than they bargained for.
We first met Hank, 26, and Lily, 23, who have been together for three years and are madly in love.
Unfortunately, Hank's conservative parents, Terry and Margaret, have labelled Lily a "controlling feminist vegetarian" and they want their son to date a woman "who doesn't speak back and does what she's told."
As Terry himself put it, he doesn't like Lily because "she thinks, for sure, that women should be independent and he's been programmed by her to put up with it."
Imagine disapproving of your son's engagement because his fiancé believes in equality… How random, Terry.
Terry and Margaret do not approve of Lily's progressive views.
From saying they couldn't eat dinner together because Lily is a vegetarian, to labelling Lily a 'stubborn b---h', it's safe to say Hank's parents had some strong opinions on their future daughter-in-law.
While some viewers found humour, others were frustrated by the comments from Terry and Margaret.
Next up we met young couple Jess and Seyat, who faced fury from his mother Fatima when they broke the news of their engagement.
Fatima and her husband, Sam, made it clear that they don't like and will never accept Jess in to their family.
Jess was subjected to a variety of insults from Seyat's parents, who called her "dirty and disgusting" and labelled her a 's--t', and a 'w---e.'
"Despite everything she's done to me I would still like to have a relationship with her," an emotional Jess told the cameras. "She's his mum and I don't want to hate her."
Viewers were left heartbroken for Jess.
Finally, we met the adorable couple Ange and Dylan, who had a gorgeous and meaningful proposal that made us swoon!
Unfortunately, Ange's father doesn't believe in same-sex marriage and, as it turns out, doesn't even believe that his daughter is gay. Upon hearing the news that his daughter had proposed to her girlfriend, John said he thought she was just "confused" about her sexuality and claims she wouldn't be if her mother were still alive.
John thinks his daughter is just "confused."
Ange, who has so much love for her father, was left visibly shattered by their conversation.
Viewers on Twitter were quick to show support for Ange and Dylan.

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